Hot chocolate hair is deliciously rich and we really want it

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Delicious hair, don’t worry. It might be a delicious drink you sip in the winter, but it inspires the latest hair trend, without all the calories. Celebrities like Amal Clooney, Doua Lipaand J Loare all ga-ga for “hot chocolate hair”.

The warm tint is fairly easy to achieve, at home or in the salon, and is great for a variety of skin tones. For example, if you have a medium skin tone like Kim Kardashian, you might want to go for a bright and rich chocolate brown, versus if you have lighter skin like Amal you can go for something even richer.

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“Natural brunettes are great candidates for warm chocolate brown hair and this color is low maintenance as there are no highlights at the roots so growth is very smooth and there is no hard lines”, Selena Gomez stylist Nikki Lee tells Hello Giggles.

The key to chocolate brown hair is to give it the same glowing qualities that blondes naturally have, says Dua Lipa and J-Lo’s stylist. Chris Appletonon her blog, “You get this light that hits the hair and gives you that mirror-like shine. That’s when the hair, for me, really stands out.

Nikki Lee, who also styles Emma Roberts, tells us step by step how to DIY hot chocolate hair:

Step 1:To achieve this look at home, “you need to use a rich dark brown matrix, like Garnier’s Olia Dark Iridescent Brown, which is an ammonia-free permanent hair color,” Lee explains. And becoming dark does not mean becoming dull. “The key here is the oil delivery system that delivers brilliant color.”

2nd step: Start with clean, dry hair and mix the dye according to the instructions on the box.

Step 3: When applying dye, Lee advises always dividing the hair into four separate sections, then cutting 1/4-inch subsections to keep the application clean and ensure the color is fully saturated throughout. the hair shaft.

Step 4: Wear rubber gloves to avoid staining your hands and apply the dye using the applicator to the scalp.

Step 5: Next, using your hands, work the dye into the hair shaft from top to bottom.

Step 6: After your dye job is done, maintain it properly to maintain the rich brown hue. “I recommend using the Garnier Color Reviver in “Warm Brown” regularly to keep it from fading. Also, always use heat protectant when heat styling and try not to wash your hair every day to avoid stripping the color,” she adds.

Best of all, this shade is easy to add to some highlights like J-Lo if you want to light up in the summer, but we recommend consulting a professional if you choose to do so.

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