Hook Entertainment Claims They Have Now Paid Lee Seung Gi Everything He Owes

Hook Entertainment has released a new statement claiming that they have now paid Lee Seung Gi all unpaid earnings owed to him.

Last month, it was revealed that Lee Seung Gi sent a content certification to his longtime agency Hook Entertainment asking for transparent disclosure of his earnings. Dispatch then released a report alleging that Lee Seung Gi never received any of his digital music benefits from the agency, which Hook Entertainment initially denied, insisting that they reviewed all of them. relevant financial details with the singer and he had paid all that was owed to him. renewing its exclusive contract in 2021.

However, after Lee Seung Gi’s legal representative issued an additional statement refuting Hook Entertainment’s claims, the agency’s CEO eventually apologized and announced that he would “take full responsibility for the dispute with Lee. Seung Gi”.

On December 16, Hook Entertainment went on to release the following statement:

It’s Hook Entertainment.

First of all, we sincerely apologize to Lee Seung Gi, who is the person who must be suffering the most right now because of this matter.

As is already widely known, Hook received a request from Lee Seung Gi for transparent disclosure of his digital music earnings during the term of his exclusive contract with our agency, as well as payment for those earnings.

Accordingly, we sent Lee Seung Gi the relevant data early this week, and tried to reach an amicable settlement with Lee Seung Gi based on this data.

However, the amount requested by Lee Seung Gi was too different from the amount owed to him, so we were unable to reach a mutual agreement.

Despite this, Hook didn’t want a protracted dispute over unpaid earnings with Lee Seung Gi, who we maintained an exclusive contract with for a long time. Therefore, in addition to the base payment of 1.3 billion won [approximately $993,846]today we paid Lee Seung Gi his unpaid earnings of 2.9 billion won [approximately $2.2 million]as well as 1.2 billion won [$917,298] deferred interest, in full.

We have also confirmed that we no longer have any debts to Lee Seung Gi, and in order to end our unpaid income dispute with Lee Seung Gi, we have already filed a debt validation lawsuit with the court.

Whatever the reason, Hook once again sincerely apologizes to Lee Seung Gi for causing this misunderstanding and dispute due to our mistakes. We hope that in the future we will be able to reach a transparent settlement through the court so that neither party has any doubts, and we will do our utmost to achieve this goal.

Once again, we deeply apologize to everyone who was hurt by this incident.

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