Home and Away’s Sophie Dillman begins dramatic transformation

At home and away Star Sophie Dillman has decided to radically change her look. The star, who plays Ziggy Astoni on the show, followed her boyfriend Patrick O’Connor’s (Dean Thompson) lead and dyed his hair.

She’s known for her “Ziggy blonde” hair that she’s been sporting since 2017, but the actress opted to try a hot, coppery short hairstyle. While fans couldn’t get enough of her new look, others were heartbroken as it all confirmed her departure from the show.

Home and away star Sophie Dillman

Home and Away star Sophie Dillman doesn’t look like that anymore. Photo: Getty

Ancient At home and away Makeup artist and hairstylist Ella Jean was responsible for the star’s fresh hairstyle, and she shared a video of the process on Instagram.

“COPPER TRANSFORMATION! Literally obsessed with this cool color on my daughter. Hair and makeup by me,” Ella wrote in the caption.


The star smiled showing off her wavy copper hair which framed her face perfectly.

Sophie Dillman and hair and makeup artist Ella Jean

Sophie posed with hair and makeup artist Ella Jean to show off the final result. Photo: Instagram/sophiedillman

Sophie’s partners have praised her for her new look, with Emily Weir (Mackenzie Booth) saying she looked ‘incredible’.

“It looks GORGEOUS,” added Georgie Parker (Roo Stewart).

“Yes!!! Obsessed with this color Soph,” replied Sam Frost (Jasmine Delaney).

“Just a beautiful girl,” commented Lynne McGranger (Irene Roberts).

Two photos of Sophie Dillman with new copper hair

The star showed off her fresh new locks. Photo: Instagram/sophiedillman & ellajeanhairandmakeup

Some of her fans didn’t even recognize the star and quickly flooded Instagram with positive comments.

“Wow I didn’t even recognize you Sophie so pretty,” one person wrote.

“I love your new hair. You look so different,” added another.

“OMG Sophie you look gorgeous and the color suits you so well,” a third remarked.

“You look ABSOLUTELY GORGEOUS with this short hairstyle! The color looks great on you too,” another said.

It has been widely reported that Sophie and Patrick have left the show, with eagle-eyed fans claiming to have seen them filming a farewell in Palm Beach earlier this year, and Lynne seemingly confirming their exit.


With Patrick bleaching his hair blonde and Sophie dyeing her hair copper, all signs point to their departure. Actors aren’t usually supposed to change their hairstyles while under contract, and their new look has left fans heartbroken.

“You are beautiful. We will miss you At home and away“wrote a fan sadly.

“I’m just not going to deal with it when you and [Patrick] let At home and away!!! Ps you are gorgeous,” added another.

“Stunning. The blonde Ziggy will be missed though. Merry Christmas to you and your loved ones Soph,” a third commented.

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