Higgs’ fascination with Amélie explained

Death Stranding 2 is official, and the first trailer for the sequel has given players plenty to talk about. Sam looks much older than he was at the end of the last game, sparking theories about the character being caught in a time fall or the passage of time. Elle Fanning’s character remains a complete mystery, Fragile seems to have a much bigger role to play in the next chapter of the story, and surprisingly Higgs has come back from the dead. According to the trailer, he’ll be more intimidating than ever, in part because of his increased infatuation with Amélie.

Higgs’ return in general is shocking, as it was heavily implied that he died off-screen in the last game. Beyond that, he appears to lead a cult dedicated to worshiping Amelie, who is revealed to be an Extinguishing Entity at the end of the first Death Stranding. Worshiping a being with the power to instantly destroy humanity is obviously problematic, even if it lines up perfectly with what players know of Higgs.

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Higgs leading an Amelie cult is no surprise

Death Stranding - Sam and Amelie kiss

Obsessed with being “the God particle”, Higgs Monaghan was an unhinged porter who essentially became Amelie’s puppet. Manipulated and twisted by Amelie, Higgs continued to do whatever she told him. Considering how he endured an abusive upbringing, as his uncle beat him every time he asked about life outside their doomsday shelter, Amelie offering Higgs her love and attention saw him crumble instantly.

Higgs was blessed with DOOMs, which were triggered by death, which he was first exposed to by killing his uncle in self-defense. This made him a useful tool for Amélie, and he quickly bought into her line of thinking that the end of mankind was inevitable. Together they planned to speed up the process, though Higgs soon grew tired of waiting for Amelie and became frustrated with his love for Sam. As such, he grew jealous of Sam and attempted to commit acts of terrorism to keep him away from Amélie while simultaneously accelerating the extinction of humanity. Through it all, however, he remained loyal to Amélie.

With Amelie trapped on her beach for eternity and postponing the next Extinction event for as long as possible, it’s unclear if she’ll play a part in the next game. However, as Higgs’ cult shows, his influence is clearly felt. In addition to wearing effigies of Amelie, Higgs modeled his new appearance on her, wearing a mask that resembles her face alongside a wig that matches her own hairstyle.

Amelie’s very nature has driven Higgs insane, and that insanity will likely bring many challenges for Fragile and Sam Bridges. It’s unclear exactly what Higgs wants, but it’s a safe bet that he’s still bent on bringing about the extinction of mankind. After all, only Sam was there to see Amélie change her mind and refuse to destroy the human race. As for Higgs, his goal hasn’t changed, so he can still try to bring about the next Extinction Event through his own actions.

Alternatively, Higgs’ new look in Death Stranding 2The first trailer for suggests that he’s literally trying to become Amelie. As such, he may be looking for a way to amplify his DOOMs so he can gain the power of an Extinction Entity, and unlike Amelie, there would be no way to dissuade him from anything. destroy. Either way, it seems Higgs is still driven by his obsession with Amelie, even if he tries to replace her or if he just dedicates himself to fulfilling his old goal remains unclear.

Death Stranding 2 is currently in development for PS5.

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