He’s a bartender and makes sure he gets more tips when he wears a certain look: “Unusual”

Scarlett Green joins the hordes of women who have tried to transform See a day in his bartending jobs, Their goal was to show whether they received more guidance when using a specific hairstyle, a trend gone viral Recently and who wants to demonstrate the importance of image for the gastronomic sector: “They love it”, also shared TikToker to show his case.

The video was posted on his account. @has been registeredwith the title “Why should you always wear a ponytail when you’re a bartender?, It shows a large stack of green dollars being counted. While the answer was immediately given in the subtitle: “why men love this hairstyle and a little pronunciation Country more than usual”.

Seen by 6.7 million users on the social network to date, the post has become a discussion forum for users tell more stories like this“Yes my daughter, go ahead! I’m wearing this hairstyle to work tonight”; “Ponytails and a country accent go very well in the restaurant where I work”; “I explained to my husband why all the waitresses in our bar wear their hair that way, and he was furious. ‘What?!” were some of the comments from users who already knew about the viral trick.

Another follower joined the discussion and suggestions for improving the method“Did you do a high ponytail? I think these will be even more effective. For his part, another person urged use other accessories For the benefit of his image: “He also likes Dhanush. I’ve always made more money when I wear a bow,” she shared.

Scarlett Green assures ponytails work for more tips

In September this year, 21-year-old Grace Velez shared a similar story in the newspaper. Washington Post, The woman recounted her experience one day Decided to tie your hair up and put it in a ponytail or ponytail before you finish your shift At a pizzeria in Florida.

The girl recounted her ordeal during her shift He earned $140 in tips in a single day, when he normally receives between $40 and $75.

The waitress even took to her TikTok account to share the fact with her followers: “When you wear your hair like this to work and tip double than usual,” she wrote.

according to job forum Talent, The average salary for a bartender in the United States is $33,150 per year. It’s about $15.95 an hour without tip. However, entry-level positions don’t pay as well, which is why many people choose this as a side job.

Grace Velez Tells Her Story of Changing Her Image and Getting More Advice

Grace Velez Tells a Story About Rebranding and Gets More Tips

This viral incident has since drawn criticism among women in the food industry. Advice goes hand in hand with appearance, According to many of them. Besides, for Job, Bullying is also high.

Looking at the panorama, some platforms offer online courses to avoid problems. For instance, serve safely created a training program Fight against sexual harassment between individuals and within companiesAny employee and manager in the gastronomy sector can access it for five modules at a moderate price.


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