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To 40 years we are still in the prime of life. The first wrinkles start to appear, but we also become a lot more fascinating. Above all, awareness finally takes over and we officially know what our style is and what kind of woman we have become.

It is precisely for this reason that at this age you need a to cut that he lives up to the maturity he has reached. You have to find a hairstyle that rejuvenate our silhouette, but which is also suitable for the youngest age.

Today, we have fun revealing to you what 6 cups they are doing very well Red carpets of everyone from Hollywood. Who said we can’t be stars too?
the divas world show their hairstyles and we are ready to take an example!

(Cut more than 40 –

We women are lucky because we can player a lot with our style. Hair, hairstyles and makeup go hand in hand with our growth, our awareness and our desire to dare.

The risk is that the hairstyle that looked so good on you when you were a teenager, now you you’re getting older or has gone out of fashion. Always be aware of the latest fashions and also learn to change.

Our body changes and we have to go to it. Let’s find out how to stand out with the Gallery with 18 overcutsyou can be a diva too

Cuts over 40 -
(Cut more than 40 –

Let’s start by showing you the medium cut of the famous actress Kate Beckinsale. To rejuvenate her silhouette, the diva thought of a bob or helmet moved and wavy to give volume to her figure and better frame her face.

It’s very stylish Women and also sensual. This cut is perfect if you have the thick and shiny hair and we advise you to play on the volume starting from the roots and ending with soft waves at the lengths and ends.
The bob in question also goes well in the version long, but not too much. You then risk looking like a Barbie who didn’t believe in it enough.

in version brown chocolate like our Kate it is the trendiest cut. You can also dare with some lighting on the lengths with golden highlights to highlight your warm complexion or ash blonde highlights if you have a cold undertone.

If you’re worried that this fit won’t be practical, know that it isn’t. You can do a simple half ponytail, or a bun or a small high ponytail.
For each need, a solution.

Cut over 40 - credits @drewbarrymore
(Cut over 40 – credits @drewbarrymore)

In blonde or copper version, Drew Barrymore she still looks the same age, she hasn’t aged a day and a lot depends on her hair.
The actress who became famous thanks to ET – The Extraterrestrialis also famous for its waves effect beach waves. With a little lightening of the lengths, Barrymore comes across as both feminine and youthful, and serious and professional.

It almost looks like she left the house without even looking in the mirror, but nothing is left to chance. A disheveled effect, but neat and super sensual.

This cut is suitable for those who have me medium thick hairyou have to be careful with the styling. The messy look is good, but you also have to remember the chic effect.
The waves should be lightly structured then tousled and the ends should be flat to fall freely.

We recommend that you move yours line on the party central neck and it’s even better with some lighting tone on tone. The waves take on a three-dimensionality and sublimate your beauty.
Warm complexion with warm undertones or cold complexion with cold highlights that enhance your face.
the beach waves they look great even if tied in a ponytail or messy braids.

More than 40 cuts - credits @charlize_theron.21
(Over 40 cuts – credits @charlize_theron.21)

We dream big with super chic Charlize Theron. The model sports a asymmetrical bob which extends forward.
This cut is very versatile, it all depends on how you style it. retro styling with a 50’s wavy effect or pulled back for a character appearance. Center parting and wild curls, but it’s also a classic helmet in the super smooth version.

The model’s cut flatters almost all face shapes. If you have the square face or roundaboutwear the bob in a way more scaled and asymmetricalabsolutely not even because it weighs down the silhouette.

Super suitable for those with me thin hair and wants to add volume to her hair. This cut can also be picked up with themed bobby pins, clips, and clips.

More than 40 cuts - credits @millajovovich
(Over 40 cuts – credits @millajovovich)

With her green eyes on her dark complexion, she models her Milla Jovovich it is very magnetic. The woman managed to highlight her look with a simple fringe.
The easiest to wear is the one that literally falls down, but leaves a piece of the front uncovered. Precisely because it is not full, stretch the face and the number.

The fringe is rich in deserved: it immediately gives a sexier and more naughty look, partly masks forehead wrinkles and tends to make us look French chic.
Milla preferred to go tone on tone, but you can also play with highlights at the tips.
It is best to do the bangs if you have one medium length hair that reaches maximum shoulder height.

More than 40 cuts - credits @labestiala
(More than 40 cuts – credits @labestiala)

Chopped off pixie cut has been in fashion for years and the actress michelle williams he displays it with great femininity. The hairstyle in question rejuvenates our appearance. The diva is 42 years old, but she looks much younger.

This cup super practical is perfect for those who have the oval, triangular or square face. It highlights the neck, the mind and the cheekbones and that is precisely why it gives so much grace.
The downside of the pixie cut is that it has to be maintained cyclically: every 45 days it is advisable to return to the hairdresser to give it the right shape.
You’ll waste time going back to the salon, but think about the time you’ll get back by not having to do your hair every day.

We advise you to combine this cut with a delicate makeup and cared for. Play with trendy earrings, otherwise you will look too normal.
As for the hue, know that the pixie cut gives more to those who have gods clear and decisive colorslike platinum blond for our Michelle.

If you have hair instead ash colorbut you still want to get this cut, you have two options: darken your hair to a medium or dark brown, or lighten it to a silvery white for a contemporary cut.

Cuts over 40 -
8Cuts out of 40 – )

Who said gray or white hair meant old? American singer Pink he is 43 years old, but you wouldn’t say it at all.
She has a lot of fun playing with the colors of her hair in the iconic pixie cut.

If your hair is medium length, we do not recommendgraying effect Why getting old your picture. This happens because white and gray tend to fade into yellow and your mane looks more sloppy.
Better to choose one white tint, or lilac, pink, blue.

You must remember totally whiten all your hair by following all the steps. White hair rejuvenates short and asymmetrical cuts.

If you don’t know which one yet cut over 40 choose take a look at ours Gallery with the others 12 looks to draw inspiration from.
Feel like a diva even at 40!

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