Here are 10 haircuts to try in 2023

Here are 10 haircuts to try in 2023

As 2023 moves on fairly quickly, you’ve probably been thinking about New Year’s resolutions and aspirations, leaving behind the horror of 2022. With so many beautiful things to look forward to, a haircut is one of the best ways to pass. to the new year.

Although the word “cut” may scare some people, there is no need to be afraid. From tapered designs to medium length bobs, there are plenty of lengths in between to try out which ones work for you. Plus, nothing beats the embrace you feel, letting those locks, whether healthy or split, touch the ground to reveal a glowing face and a fresh new look. Short hairstyles have just as much versatility as long hairstyles. There are chopstick bobs, wavy braids, curly cuts or the trendy blunt cut. Although some styles serve as inspiration, recognizing your hair type is also essential. If you can’t get precisely the type you like, you can still handle wigs and extensions without compromising your natural hair.

As you prepare for January 1, try a new look to go with it. Instead of scrolling through pages of Pinterest boards and Instagram searches, we’ve rounded up our favorite hairstyles to make it easier to show off to your stylist.

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