Heidi Klum Praises Artist Who Used Saran Film To Recreate Her Avatar Red Carpet Dress

Heidi Klum applauded an artist for recreating her white dress she wore at the Avatar: the way of water, in saran paper.

The 49-year-old model posed in a sheer one-shoulder gown by Lever Couture on Monday as he walked the red carpet at the film’s premiere. Klum paired her ruffled dress, which had a thigh-high slit and train, with clear heels. She also had her hair loose and slicked back.

Klum took to Instagram on Wednesday to share a video of artist Angelic Hicks as she recreated the model’s look. In the clip, Hicks could be seen putting transparent tape on a pair of black heels, before pushing her hair back to match Klum’s red carpet hairstyle.

She then took out a container of plastic wrap and tore pieces of it before wrapping it around her body. Hicks continued to tear off pieces of the scarf and put it on, in order to replicate the different aspects of Klum’s dress.

Klum went on to praise Hicks’ work in the caption, writing, “Love it.” She also tagged the artists and Leve Coutre in her post.

Hicks reposted the America’s Got Talent the judge’s video to her own Instagram Story, writing, “Wow thank you queen Heidi!!!”

In the comments to the video, which was originally posted on Hicks’ Instagram, several people praised the artist for his creation.

“That’s super awesome,” one wrote, while another said, “Nailed.”

A third person wrote: “Perfection! Literally no need to buy top of the line when you can do it at home.

On her Instagram, Hicks shared numerous recreations of celebrity outfits, such as looks worn by Hailey Bieber, Kylie Jenner and Kim Kardashian.

Most of her outfits are made with household items, including a matching rhinestone crop top and shorts worn by Kardashian. For her look, Hicks used tin foil to redo the outfit and sprayed white hair dye, to replicate the Skims founder’s dyed blonde locks.

For another outfit, Hicks used a white sheet and handkerchiefs to recreate a dress Kerry Washington wore to the Emmys in September.

He’s not the only artist who has gone viral on social media for reinventing celebrity looks. In July, TikTok star Corey O’Brien used pieces of aluminum foil to redo Nicole Kidman’s silver Balenciaga look at the brand’s couture show in Paris.

In May, O’Brien also used a $12 Forever 21 dress to replicate the famous Marilyn Monroe dress first worn when she sang for President John F Kennedy on his 45th birthday, then worn by Kardashian at this year’s Met Gala.

The Independent contacted Hicks for comment.

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