Headboard hair is all the rage – here’s how to get the look

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The loose hair is in (Picture: Getty)

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For all the lazy girls, your chance is finally here.

Gone are the days of pristine curls and sleek hairstyles, because bedhead hair is back.

You can shout hallelujah and toss your dry texture spray into the air with joy.

Perfection is no longer the trend of the moment. It’s about inhabiting, chic cool girl.

Think Kate Moss and Alexa Chung with their loose, tousled locks that never look overdone.

As the name suggests, it’s all about looking like you just rolled out of bed and got on with your day.

However, like any hairstyle, there is work to be done – but don’t worry, it’s minimal.

Kate Moss

Kate Moss is the queen of ‘undone’ hair (Photo: Getty)

So how do you achieve the seemingly effortless look?

Live True London expert stylist Tyler Moore says the headboard is all the rage as people move further and further away from high maintenance hair.

“Headboard hair is that classic worn look – think second-day hair dryer and sleep in curls,” Tyler told Metro.co.uk

“This look is trending again this year due to the more natural and low maintenance attitude towards hair care.

“We’ve seen more cuts and colors that take little styling effort and look great with natural texture. Think bobs or wolf cuts combined with natural balayage colors.

As mentioned earlier, there is some effort involved in creating headboard braids.

Alexa Chung

Alexa Chung also favors a tousled look (Picture: Getty)

But due to its breezy appearance, you can get three to four days of style.

“Like most hairstyles and beauty, it actually takes a few steps to look natural and little effort, but luckily in this case it’s not too much,” says Tyler.

‘For starters, we recommend that you style your hair or dry your hair in your favorite style, and be sure to use styling sprays.

‘Then on the second and third day you can freshen up slightly with dry shampoo and a bit of heat styling if needed. Be sure to use the correct brush. We like to refresh curly styles with a wide-tooth comb to ensure curls hold their shape. We also recommend using satin or silk pillowcases to hold the styles.

“You can also use a bit of pomade or salt spray in your natural hair and highlight your natural texture – this works especially well if you have a bob haircut.”

Michael Kors SS23 Fashion Show

Suki Waterhouse sporting the headboard look (Photo: Getty Images)

Finally, products are key to creating and maintaining the look.

“If you style your hair first, we recommend styling sprays such as FUL Styling Spray or Redken One United to banish frizz, add shine and softness, and invisible hold,” advises Tyler.

“And if you’re looking for something quick and sweeping, we recommend a little pomade like Techni Art Density Material or a salt spray like Techni Art Beach Waves to add texture.”

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