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Philip Balonwu, Afrovibes visionary

Afrovibes Entertainment Group provides entertainment options for digital marketers with an afrobeat.

We’re excited to bring our unique blend of music, news and entertainment programming to even more listeners in Atlanta and Los Angeles.

—Philip Balonwu

HOUSTON, TX, USA, Jan. 26, 2023 /EINPresswire.com/ — The 21st century has brought a whole new way to connect, communicate, market and entertain audiences around the world. Digital creatives can now go far beyond their local markets to spread their messages and grow their brands. To help them do this effectively and efficiently, Afrovibes Entertainment Group provides businesses, artists, entrepreneurs and government institutions with a full suite of digital solutions such as television, radio and print media.

About the digital strategist behind Afrovibes Entertainment Group
Philip Balonwu is a visionary, a philanthropist and a man of many talents. He is a successful serial entrepreneur and media personality, with a degree in computer science and technical management. He has worked as a System Engineer/Cloud Architect in various industries with extensive experience in Oil & Gas, Medical, Finance and IT.

Mr. Balonwu founded TechnologySure, an IT company specializing in cloud architecture, web design and cybersecurity. He founded it to help bring technology to small businesses at affordable prices. Due to his passion for media, he has dedicated his life to helping others and is a passionate advocate for music and the arts. His love for promoting black culture around the world led him to launch the Afrovibes radio station in 2016, which is dedicated to promoting African culture through music, entertainment and art. The station broadcasts across Africa, Europe and the United States. Afrovibes Radio helps spread awareness of African culture and arts across the diaspora.

As the world faced the unprecedented challenges of the pandemic in 2020, one thing remained constant: the need for entertainment and connection. Recognizing this, Mr. Balonwu saw an opportunity to expand his reach and bring the vibrant sounds of Afrobeats music to even more listeners. Building on the success of Afrovibes Radio, which now reaches music lovers in 182 countries, Philip Balonwu launched Afrovibes TV. The station broadcasts a diverse range of creative content, including music videos, films and documentaries, as well as entrepreneurs, community leaders and events. Afrovibes TV & Radio Station has become the go-to destination for afrobeats music in the United States, helping to make the genre more popular than ever. The station’s programming aims to help listeners stay in touch with their cultural heritage, while providing a platform for new and emerging artists.

The success of Afrovibes TV & Radio Station is a testament to the power of music to bring people together and the resilience of the human spirit in the face of adversity. With a strong and dedicated following, Afrovibes TV & Radio Station is poised for continued growth and success in the future. The TV channel is a global broadcasting platform available on Roku TV, Amazon Fire TV, the Afrovibes TV website and mobile app, and reaches viewers around the world.

For more information, see www.afrovibes.tv; www.afrovibesradio.com The station is also dedicated to providing an authentic African American perspective on the issues that matter most to the community. The station’s programming aims to help listeners stay in touch with their cultural heritage, while providing a platform for new and emerging artists.

In 2021, Afrovibes magazine was created as an extension of Afrovibes TV & Radio’s mission to promote black culture around the world. It features articles about African Americans and Africans living abroad making significant contributions in various fields such as business, entertainment, fashion design, etc., highlights companies, brands and artists, and posts great creative writing, articles and visuals! It is available via digital link, print and PDF document for group distribution.

In 2022, the brand expanded into the coffee sector with Afrovibes Coffee, a coffee company that sources directly from farmers around the world to produce cold brew coffee and expand into coffee liqueur . Afrovibes wholesales cold brew coffee to businesses and individuals around the world who wish to support African farmers by purchasing their fair trade products.

As an entrepreneur, Mr. Balonwu has been a driving force behind all the projects under his responsibility, from Afrovibes TV & Radio to Magazine, to TechnologySure. He also founded Afrovibes Entertainment Group, an entertainment group that manages events and produces music videos, films, plays, television shows and other forms of media that promote African culture and heritage in the world. world. Recently, Philip Balonwu co-wrote a short story called The Untold Love Story which can be found on Amazon and other bookstores.

He is also very passionate about helping new artists get started in their careers so they can have a platform for their art to be heard by others. He believes that music has the power to change people’s lives for the better, which is why he takes such an active role in supporting young artists.
Afrovibes Entertainment Group has expanded its reach with the opening of satellite locations in Atlanta and Los Angeles. This is an important development for the company as it allows them to better serve the African American community in these regions. The new locations will feature state-of-the-art facilities and equipment, ensuring that the station’s programming is of the highest quality.

Mr. Balonwu is delighted with the expansion of his business. He said, “We are excited to bring our unique blend of music, news and entertainment programming to even more listeners in Atlanta and Los Angeles.” He believes Africa deserves better than other countries in terms of representation in the media – and he is doing his part to change that by creating work that celebrates diversity and gives Africans their credit as global citizens who have contributed to humanity for centuries!

Afrovibes Entertainment Group is committed to providing its audience with quality digital entertainment solutions. Their knowledgeable team understands how to leverage the power of social media and other digital channels for maximum entertainment satisfaction. Mr. Balonwu’s business acumen has made this award-winning business model a hit in the entertainment industry.

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