Harber London Commuter Backpack Review: Fashion Meets Tech

Harper London Commuter Backpack

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Crafted from durable leather and fabric, the Commuter Backpack from Harber London is, in a word, sophisticated. Fashion, in this case, comes with certain compromises.

This sleek, versatile bag with slots for a 16-inch MacBook Pro, iPad, water bottle, and more. however, is not cheap. The Harber London Commuter Backpack retails for $235, which is one of the company’s more affordable options.

While it offers enough utility to be a useful bag for everyone, people tired of simple, utilitarian aesthetics will be the ones to appreciate what Harber London has on offer here.

Commuter Backpack Features

The Commuter backpack has a capacity of 17L. Without being bulky, there’s ample space for over-ear headphones as well as a tech pouch stuffed with cables and maybe a light sweatshirt.

We had no problem storing the items we were carrying to the office inside the bag.

While you can pack two water bottles, we like to think the two pockets provide flexibility as to which side you want to place a bottle on. The other can be used for miscellaneous small items.

Look inside the commuter backpack

Look inside the commuter backpack

Although it’s not immediately obvious, all of the compartments are thick and padded. A false bottom prevents your laptop from directly touching the floor. It was a nice touch that we appreciated.

On the outside, the shoulder straps are flanked by leather, but underneath are comfortably padded. We found them surprisingly easy to carry on the short walks we used the backpack for.

It’s not the type of bag you’d bring hiking, but we think it could be worn on a city excursion if you don’t care to keep it pristine.

The shoulder strap padding was surprisingly comfortable

The shoulder strap padding was surprisingly comfortable

We really liked that the backpack could stand on its own. It’s a practical touch that is ideal for keeping the bag accessible and especially off the ground.


As thoughtful as the design choices are, some things could present obstacles, especially for people who focus on the practical rather than the fashionable.

The magnetic piece that secures the leather cover collapses when not connected. We had no problem using it, but it was more inconvenient than necessary.

The top zipper will prevent items from falling out

The top zipper will prevent items from falling out

Inside the bag there is a leather strap that stretches over the laptop slot to prevent a laptop from slipping out. The strap uses a button to secure it and we found it difficult to quickly connect the two pieces.

All of the exposed metal zipper teeth and general metal parts throughout the bag seemed to conflict with carrying expensive goods (also metal).

Chances are these parts will come into contact with a MacBook or iPad at some point. We couldn’t help but be extra careful to prevent our devices from getting scratched when putting them on or taking them off.

Of course, we realize the materials are part of what makes this bag more fashionable than practical, in some ways. We had no issues with scratches, but it kept crossing our minds.

A backpack to get to the office

The parts of the Harber London Commuter Backpack that prioritize form over function weren’t a deciding factor, but if we’re investing in an attractive backpack to carry our gear, it looks like it should be used where we need it. other people will see it.

This is the story of this bag. We liked it a lot and it worked well enough, but you’ll want to have your eye on fashion to really appreciate it.

If this backpack doesn’t immediately strike you as love at first sight, the fact that it’s handmade with top-grain leather and durable fabric probably won’t matter much.

Those who can see its value should love it.


  • Comfortable straps
  • Plenty of room for daily essentials
  • Well-made, durable felt

The inconvenients

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