Hair mistakes to end in 2023

Life is too short to deal with damaged hair. You deserve to have naturally beautiful, healthy hair that you can cherish every day. In 2023, make a vow to take care of your locks and pay attention to how you treat your mane on a daily basis. Because daily wear and tear is sometimes the main cause of damaged hair and hair loss. Simple hair care habits and avoiding certain hair care mistakes can redeem your locks. All you have to do is be aware of these hair crimes and you can immediately stop subjecting your hair to them. Here are the hair mistakes you should definitely stop making in 2023.

6 hair mistakes to avoid in 2023

Elastic Hair Ties

Using hair ties to keep your hair tied up is a huge no-no. We’re talking about those thin black elastic ties that pull on your hair and cause the most breakage. Not only will these hair ties cause breakage, but they will also damage your hair at the crown if you tie it too tight. Avoid using them on a daily basis unless you have to try a new hairstyle once in a while. For everyday use, you can try a satin scrunchie instead.

Skip the conditioner

Stop skipping conditioner while you shower. It may help you cut the time you need for a hair wash in half, but you’re only making your strands prone to damage. Without the protection and nourishment of a conditioner, your locks will become dry and brittle. Then when you go to style it, your hair will be easily damaged and it might also show signs of frizz. If you really can’t resist going through the conditioner, try using a leave-in hair mask after washing your hair before styling your hair.

sleep with wet hair

Wet hair is a breeding ground for bacteria and when you go to bed with wet hair, you will likely develop a fungal infection like dandruff. Sleeping with wet hair also damages hair follicles and causes breakage. Be sure to dry your hair before touching the sheets.

Avoid Mushrooms

You’re never too old to indulge in an oil champion. And even if you think hair oil isn’t necessary because you have advanced hair care products in your kit, you’re wrong. Massaging your hair with oil will help stimulate hair growth, strengthen hair against breakage, improve scalp health, and combat seasonal hair care issues like limp hair or frizzy hair without the you have to resort to costly measures.

Excessive brushing

After oiling your hair, avoid using a hairbrush as the dense bristles of oiled hair can break it. Indeed, when your hair is oiled, the strands are coated and become heavier. At this stage, your hair is vulnerable and therefore brushing your locks can lead to more severe hair loss. Likewise, excessive brushing at any other time can cause your scalp to produce excess oil, which can make your roots oily while the ends dry out. Avoid brushing your hair after oiling it and make sure to brush it at least daily. Instead, use wide-tooth combs or boar-bristle brushes to help reduce damage.

Root-to-tip detangler

If you start by combing your hair from root to tip, you are wrong. This order causes the most pain and breakage to your mane. Instead of untangling from root to tip, start at the ends (tips) first and once those knots are untangled you can work your way up to the roots. Once all the knots are removed, you can then comb your hair normally from root to tip. Also, make sure to always apply hair serum before combing your locks.

If you want to maintain a gorgeous mane in 2023, you need the right hair care products. We recommend:

Take note of these hair care mistakes and never repeat them again!

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