Hair Experts Share How To Get A Sleek Pixie Cut Like Charlene

The experts explained how one can achieve Charlene’s cut and style, and how to maintain it on a daily basis. For anyone planning to brave a shorter haircut this winter or in the new year, we also noted what type of face would suit this look best.

Celebrity hairstylist Cally Borg, whose clients include Amanda Holden and Billie Piper, said: “Charlene’s look works best on oval or heart-shaped faces and, surprisingly, some round faces.

“The color is either a full scalp bleach which is then tinted or a highlight tint depending on what base you are coloring on and what shade of blonde you want.

“The cut is short and tidy on the sides and back, achieved using either a clipper or a scissor-over-comb technique, it’s longer on top and rounded in the corners to complement the shape of the head, and it’s been trimmed to create a bit of texture but is left just long enough to grow back using a gentle styling cream or gentle wax.

“This cut is super easy for day-to-day styling but requires more maintenance to keep it neat and tidy – because the perimeter is short, the hair will quickly grow out of the ears and start to lose shape after six to eight weeks.”

In addition to those with oval or heart-shaped faces, Cally went on to say that “women of most ages can totally rock this look.”

However, she pointed out that the length should be “tailored to the individual’s hair texture for styling – for example, straight hair may need to be longer on top to allow it to grow back as straight hair tends to stand up if they are too short”. .

Luke Benson, who styled Billie Eilish’s hair, agreed that Charlene’s hairstyle is one that, if done correctly, could work for anyone who wants to try. He said: “It’s a haircut that suits all ages and can be worn like this or more textured depending on your mood.”

The stylist continued, “I love Charlene’s hair, it reminds me of Charlize Theron. A perfectly executed cropped cut for a woman who remains feminine, soft and beautiful.


“I would take a horseshoe section at the top and a square layer on the sides, then I would connect that top layer to the sides, but cut off the top to keep the smoothness.

“Then once dried, customize by removing weight or shaving heavy areas. It looks super blonde, you can use an all over bleach or high lift technique as I think the color adds to the beauty. Then you can also have freedom in your toning options.

Jason Collier, celebrity hairstylist and Bblonde brand educator, also said he loves Princess Charlene’s hairstyle. “It’s so effortlessly chic and really shows off the glow in her face,” he told

“A pixie haircut suits all ages, hair colors, textures and face shapes – it’s universally a gorgeous style that’s easy to achieve, maintain and style.

“For those who are middle-aged, this is a great length if you want to try something shorter that isn’t high maintenance but still packs an impact. Plus, you have so much more styling options than you might think.

“You can choose to cut your hair gradually over time, but if you’re going straight for a pixie cut, go to a professional. They will know how to determine the layers and structure of the Pixie that will suit you.

“For Charlene’s style, you can see it’s cropped on the sides with very subtle layers that go up her head and then longer on top. There’s still length on the sides and she hasn’t opted for no fade style shape.

Jason added that “the golden shade of blonde is perfect for middle-aged women – when it comes to choosing a blonde shade, go for a warmer shade as these warm tones will bring out the warm undertone of your skin”.

Neil Capstick, Managing Director of Salon Promotions, also revealed how to get Charlene’s sleek cut.

“We’re seeing pixie cuts becoming increasingly popular with salons predicting the pixie cut will be the next big look for 2023,” he explained.

“This hairstyle favors almost all face shapes but I tend to find more oval face shapes are ideal for this type of cut as this style offers angles to soften the curves. However, for those who are not suitable Naturally to this short style, they can modify it to personalize it further.You can opt for a more undone look by softening areas such as the bangs, if your face is slightly rounder.

“To style a pixie cut, I would recommend choosing products that help add texture and hold to ensure it holds its shape. For this type of style, I would recommend using a good styling cream like the Neal & Wolf Silk Smoothing Blow Dry Balm.

“It will put an end to tangles and frizz for smooth, smooth and silky hair. Perfect for styling the Pixie cut.

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