Gwendlyn Brown apologizes for ‘Janky’ haircut

sister wives Star Gwendlyn Brown apologizes for her new ‘janky’ haircut. The 21-year-old took to social media to share the tree she and her fiancée Beatriz have. However, she wanted to acknowledge her new look and how she achieved it. Read on for more details. ‘NO’:

Gwendlyn Brown apologizes for ‘Janky’ haircut

Sister Wives star Gwendlyn showed off her holiday decor on Instagram. She was letting her followers into her beautiful tree which was quickly snapped in half by her pup, Noel. However, she agreed simply because it was Noel’s birthday. In the post, she also acknowledged something else. Kody and Christine’s daughter had a new hairdo as she got new bangs.

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“Last pics of the tree before Christmas gets too excited and snaps it in half! but yesterday was his birthday so we’ll give him a pass this time
Ignore the janky bangs I cut them myself :'(“, she wrote. The other day Gwen had her hair caught in her sweater and it made her want to cut her hair Although she knew it was a bad idea, she was willing to do it herself, luckily her fiancé arrived at the house to stop her before she could do it.
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Gwen’s fans really love the bangs, although she thinks they’re “janky.” One follower wrote, “I think your bangs are awesome.” Another added: “Janky bangs or not you look gorgeous! Sorry for the tree. Even her sister-in-law Michelle Petty sent support about the tree, so it’s clear Gwen has support regardless. Hopefully, she feels the love of those around her and realizes that it’s just hair and it will grow back.

Family drama

Gwendlyn Brown has been very verbal about the drama unfolding within her family. His parents divorced in early 2021, but it just ended playing this season of Sister wives. Instead of staying silent, Gwen started a Patreon to share her family’s secrets. She talks about her father, Kody, and what she went through growing up in Brown’s household. Fans loved getting the scoop from her and were disappointed when her laptop broke so she couldn’t post.

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However, from her Instagram stories, it looks like she is back in business. She seems to be quite strong, something she inherits from her mother, Christine, who left a marriage of more than twenty years with Kody Brown. Additionally, she sold her house in Flagstaff and moved to Utah with her youngest daughter. Really, so she’s really an inspiration to her kids. Gwen also shows how well she’s doing outside of Patreon with her recent engagement. It’s great to see the Brown children continue to thrive.

What do you think of Gwendlyn’s “janky” bangs? She looks like she can rock just about anything. Let us know and watch the second part of Sister wives one on one sundayJanuary 1 on TLC.

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