Gacha Club Eye Ideas: How to Make Gacha Eyes

There’s no doubt that Gacha Club is a wonderful character customization game that’s an all-time favorite of kids. The Gacha Club game is divided into three parts: customization, battle and mini-games. The character customization procedure is quite deep. Players have to work on a lot of things like selecting skin tone, hairstyle, outfits, shoes, accessories, working on facial expressions, and more. Players scour the internet for the best Gacha Club Eye ideas.

When creating your Gacha character, the most crucial aspect you need to consider is the eyes. You might hear the term- The eyes speak louder than the voice, what is true. The eyes completely define a person’s appearance and personality. In addition, the eyes convey emotions more clearly. If you want your Gacha character to be beautiful and happy, it is recommended to make big eyes. However, half-closed eyes will make a character sadder.

How to make Gacha Eyes? Looking for the best Gacha Club Eye ideas? Then you have arrived at the most relevant position. Today in this detailed guide, we will share the step by step guide to make Gacha Eyes and some best ideas for inspiration. So keep reading till the end.

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A quick overview of Gacha Club

Gacha Club is one of the popular gaming platforms that lets you show your creativity. This is the latest sequel to the game that Lumine presented recently. This game is all about creating and customizing characters based on various scenes and scenarios.

The feature that differentiates Gacha Club from the previous one is the new RPG element. The characters you created will now participate in a battle against many enemy teams.

Editing the Gacha character’s eyes involves several steps. We go to each of them one by one.

Step 1: Choose the character

Customizing Gacha characters first requires selecting the character of your choice.

Step 2: Go to the Eyes section

After selecting the character, the next step is to move to the eye area and search for the desired eyes. When the eye customization is done, it’s time to change the background to a solid color. To do this, find the hashtag in the upper left corner and click on Body Sheet 1. To do some editing in the eyes, click on the Change button. This will only show the character’s eyes. Take the screenshot out of the body sheet.

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Step 3: Modify the eyes on Ibis Paint

Then you need the Ibis Paint app to modify the eyes. To do this, open the app and tap Gallery. Select the screenshot you want to edit. In the tools section, tap the magic wand. Click on the green space and erase it. Take the eraser tool and erase everything except the eyes.

Transform tool: if you want to make the eyes bigger, tap the transform tool

Eyedropper Tool: Want to change the base color of the eye? Well, go to the Tools section and hit the eyedropper tool, then click on the base color. After that choose a brush to fill in the color in the eyes. Add more small details as you want. That’s it!

Quick advice: Using light shades for the base color is always recommended.

Gacha Club Girls Eye Ideas

You will find many interesting options for Eyes ideas. We attach some images for the inspiration of our readers.

Gacha Club Eye Ideas

Gacha Club

    Eyes Ideas for Gacha Club

Gacha Club Boys Eye Ideas

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Gacha Club Eye Ideas

Gacha Club Eye Ideas


Q1: Why is Gacha Club so popular?

Gacha Club is the latest sequel in the life of Gacha which is coming with lots of unique features and gameplay. All young age group players love this Chibi style game.

Q2: Is Gacha Club safe for children?

Gacha Club is completely safe for children. Gacha Club has a 10+ rating and requires app verification. However, the game has inappropriate content on other platforms. Parents should therefore be very careful.

Q3: Is Gacha Club available on iPhone?

Unfortunately, the game is currently available on Google Play Store for Android users. The iOS version of the game is still in the works.

Last words

Here are some Gacha Club Eyes ideas to inspire you. For more ideas, you can visit Pinterest and Reddit websites. I hope you find this article interesting and informative. Do you have any doubts? So feel free to ask in the comments section below.

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