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The ladies are back and ready to take center stage as First Women’s Club is back for season three. The stars of the series Jill Scott, Michael Buteauand the season two newcomer Michel Michenor and follows the lives of Hazel (Scott), Bri (Buteau) and Jayla (Mitchenor) as they experience the pressures of new jobs, loves and friendships.

For season three, the friends’ lives take an unexpected turn as they process their feelings of loss and discover what’s truly important to them. The season will feature jam-packed guest stars, including Deborah Cox, Gasoline Atkins, Tasha Smith, Valerie Pettiford, Terri J. Vaughn, Afion Crockett, and more.

In this fun chat with BET.comScott, Michenor, Marc Talmanand Ronreaco Lee talk about heartbreak, love languages ​​and how they would describe the new season.

BET.com: As we head into season three, where do you hope Hazel goes for the new season and how would you like to see her evolve?

Scott: I would like Hazel to mind her own business because she can be fickle sometimes – she is half in and half out most of the time. I would like to see his record level take off.

BET.com: Hazel shares her love language receives gifts? What is Jill’s love language?

Scott: Action — I like a participant. Acts of service because I need you to serve the queen and consider me. I will give you anything if you are good with me, consider me and think of me. Do all the little things.

Michenor: All [laughs].

Lee: Acts of service would be mine.

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Big man: Acts of service and like most guys, physical contact [laughs[. I’m an engaging person so I expect it back and it speaks volumes for me when someone is doing something just for you.

BET.com: A destination wedding is set to happen this season. What are three things you need in order to have a smooth sailing-wedding?

Mitchenor: My wedding was perfect so I’ll share [laughs]. One thing we did that I loved was we had a private dinner before showing up as a married couple at the reception. It was great to see and reflect with my husband, so it was amazing. I would also say you have the worst bachelorette party and finally I included my husband in the planning process from the color schemes to the vibes he wanted to create because it was important that it was a collaborative effort .

Big man:Also make sure there is an open bar because I have been to weddings without an open bar and was upset all the time [laughs].

Scott: The hairdresser must be on deck because the weather will tear you apart. You need good friends and that’s for any marriage – you need people who really love you. The last thing is good food/good music.

BET.com: Who would you like to have sung for you and your partner at the end of the aisle?

Big man: I would say [Maxwell]although my friend Pastor Tim Johnsonwho is now a gospel artist, sang at my wedding.

Scott: Oh my God – I wish Jazmine Sullivan would sing me anything at any time.

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BET.com: If you could use one word to describe season three, what word would you use and why?

Scott: Shocking because there are shocking moments in the show – I was blown away when I read the script.

BET.com: Much has been said about a sister, sister to restart. Would you come back and play with Tia and Tamera as Tyreke if the reboot was to happen and did you hear anything?

Lee: Last I heard, they’re not doing the reboot, but I’d be honored to do so. Even though I acted like a child, I was introduced to the world through my time on sister, sister so I should go back and wrap things up. I think Tyreke opened his own security company for big celebrities who passed through Michigan.

BET.com: In one of the recent episodes of your podcast, you talk about finding a good man but being ready for him when he comes. What does Jill’s ideal man look like, and if he knocked on your door, would you open it or would you need more time?

Scott: I wouldn’t need any more time because I’m doing my job as a human being and a woman to open the door. As for my ideal man, I would like someone who has a childlike spirit and can see the joy in life. Also, someone whose smart, reads, and a helpful companion to help me.

BET.com: Can we expect a new Jill Scott album to come and which artists would you feature?

Scott: Yes, the music is on. I would like to collaborate with Foushee, Tobe Nwigeand Michael McDonald. There are so many people I want to work with. I can continue with the list because I would like to work with Rapsody, Thundercat, Tierra Whack, Anderson .paak, and Doechii. Her album slaps and this young lady can spit.

BET.com: There is a moment in the series where the actors have to lean on each other and deal with grief. Although there are no rules for coping with loss, what advice would you share with someone who is grieving?

Scott: Give this person space, but be present. You may have to sleep on the living room floor until they need you, but be there and don’t leave them alone. Grieving is difficult and can be difficult, but they need your presence. Convince him to take a shower, cook for him, let him sleep and listen to him when he needs to talk.

First Women’s Club amounts to BET+ on Thursday, November 17, with new episodes premiering every Thursday.

*This interview has been edited for length and clarity

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