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THE scaly tufts represent a true evergreen in terms of hairdressing. For several decades, in fact, unlike hair of equal length, the spread of many types of choppy cuts has been evident, both among Hollywood divas and in the world of entertainment and among ordinary people. The latter, whatever length is chosen, especially if it is characterized by scaly side tufts or of scaly tuft on the front, perfectly perform the function of framing the face, making the features harmonious and giving lightness to the image, without giving up the volume; they are also versatile, as all hair types lend themselves to grading and it is possible to play with shades of color to create wonderful effects.

What is Rock Climbing?

By cut to scale, we meanas can be seen from the term, a cut where the hair is not of equal lengthwith visibly longer strands than others. For the less experienced who do not have adequate manual skills, although there are different techniques to make them a do-it-yourself scale cutit is advisable, at least the first time, to go home trusted hairdresserbecause the industry expert will certainly be able to provide the right advice, respecting the right proportions and paying due attention to volume, also depending on the type of hair. Indeed, while it is true, as expected, that chipped cuts lend themselves to all hair types, both fine and full-bodied, it is also true that they should be treated differently. For the thinner hairfor example, suitable avoid to create a excessive elevationcreating a balanced scale in order to obtain dynamism and movement, while with those of thicker textureit is possible to dare with more pronounced scalesdepending on the volume and, in general, the desired effect.

Also with regard to the length of the hair there are no limits and it is possible, as we will see, to opt for a long, medium or short layered cutwith or without bangs and with side tuftsmore or less long, or, with the scaled tuft in front.

Finally, we must distinguish scaly hair from those parade (which can also be even); the difference, in addition to the manufacturing technique, is that the latter, made with the appropriate toothed scissors, are usually made to lighten, therefore, precisely, taper the hair (especially if it is particularly full-bodied) decreasing the volume , rather than boosting it as is the case with scaling.

Who looks good with layered hair?

The first question most people ask when choosing to change their hair is, of course, whether this specific cut can suits him well and corresponds to its image, enhancing its characteristics, highlight strengths and, perhaps, even hiding some small faults or imperfections; so this also happens with me cuts to scale. Obviously everyone, men and women of all ages, can decide to descaling their hair but, if you want to dare with an obvious descaling, for example with particularly short tufts or with a large gap between the strands, it would be advisable to assess certain aspects.

Generally, the chipped cut is ideal for those who have a round or square face, as they tend to soften its shape, giving harmony and softness to the lines; on the contrary, on an oval or elongated face it is not recommended to choose a deep gradient, opting instead for slight differences in length and perhaps favoring full and voluminous bangs.

Trendy choppy cuts

THE cuts to scale there are many of them, and over the years they have come back into fashion, thanks in particular to the celebrities who wear them on the main red carpets. The pop star Madonnafor example, who has made his signature blonde hair a trademark, often shows up with a mid-length degraded cut with Scaled side tuftopting, in most cases, for soft waves with outward ends that accentuate it more, giving volume and movement.

The very famous actress Jennifer Anistonon the other hand, I like long straight hair layered in front with the tuft generally remaining at chin height.

Also short hairalthough one could easily think the opposite, imagining, for example, the typical bob, they go perfectly with scale cuts, from the most classic and geometric to the most modern and casual, which abandon symmetry to create more dynamism, playing on volumes, like the pixie cutwhich conquered stars such as Jane Fonda.

Finally, the new cut to scaleof orient oneself just since summer 2022is called butterfly cut and it is, in fact, inspired by the wings of a butterfly, presenting itself with side tufts significantly shorter than the length of the hair and preferring a wavy and soft fold.

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