FightOut Presale Has Begun – The Move-To-Earn Token You Won’t Want To Miss In 2023

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Move-To-earn projects have already taken the world by storm, but they could be so much more. FightOut, the latest Web3 fitness project that has integrated all fitness routines into the Move-to-Earn economy, allows you to “train the way you want and earn money from it”.

The native token of this project, $FGHT, was recently introduced in presale, and you can grab it not only at $0.01665002. unlike most crypto offerings, FightOut has gone ahead and removed all minimum and maximum requirements – so buy as much or less as you want, and you’ll still be appreciated.

A Move 2 Earn Project That Takes “Leaving The Gym” Out Of The Equation

Over 80% of people leave gyms within five months of signing up. This is partly because most affordable gyms don’t offer a good quality workout. And where high quality training is available, high costs turn even the most determined people into dropouts.

This is surprising since the health and fitness industry is worth over $96 billion. You would think a lot has been done to inspire people to keep grinding and sweating to get the body they want.

But that hasn’t happened yet, and that’s what Move-to-earn apps are trying to change.

And the influx of mobile apps to earn has been fruitful. Stepn, for example, allowed people to capitalize on their walking habits and earn money from them. However, there are some significant obstacles that have prevented such projects from taking off.

  1. The high cost of NFTs
  2. The high entry barrier to enter the market
  3. The lack of lasting rewards

This is where FightOut tries to do something different. This Move-to-earn app not only removes the NFT requirement, but also bridges the gap between virtual and real world by bringing the mechanics of move-to-earn to real-world gyms.

As a result, FightOut raised over $1 million in the private sale alone and jumped into its public sale.

What sets FightOut apart from the standard move to win apps?

Move-to-Earn apps have come a long way, but not to the point that everyone would jump at the chance to be a part of it. FightOut, however, took a radically different approach.

Not only does it track steps, but it also focuses on all forms of fitness activities, from cardio to HIIT training to kickboxing and more. And to do that, it uses, in addition, to add to standard app tracking methods, gym sensors at FightOut-sponsored gyms where people can track their fitness routines and earn rewards.

Another great way FightOut differentiates itself from the rest is that to use the platform you don’t need to purchase NFTs.

Every healthy choice you make when it comes to nutrition or exercise, FightOut takes note. This holistic approach to fitness goals makes FightOut one of the most different M2E offerings on the market.

FightOut NFTs – Unique avatars you own for your life

Although people don’t need to purchase the NFT to use the app, a soulbound NFT is automatically created for you once you create an account. This NFT represents your digital identity in the FightOut metaverse, where your training, progress, and achievements are displayed.

Take note, however, that FightOut is not a tradable asset. It is your Avatar, tied to your physical lifestyle, and therefore cannot be sold in any way.

The FightOut app also allows you to change the look of your avatar to suit your needs by changing hairstyles, accessories, tattoos, and makeup. These avatars will also play a pivotal role, allowing you to participate in tournaments and other competitive leagues with big monetary wins.

FightOut’s unique approach to moving to win

Move 2 Earn has never been so robust. The main goal of FightOut is not just to get more people interested in training, but to inspire them to become combat athletes who can compete against one of the greatest. Imagine training and becoming as versatile as UFC GOAT Khabib Numagomedov.

You can sign up and choose the workout style based on your fitness level. Choose between strength and conditioning, HIIT, boxing, Brazilian Jui Jitsu and, if you want to train your mind as well, meditation.

With the platform’s workout builder, you will be able to get personalized programs and workout routines. But don’t think you’ll just get routines on a sheet, because FightOut should give you access to high-quality instructional videos to help you get in the ring as a novice and out as an expert. .

Bringing the best elite combat athletes to join the ecosystem

Getting more people to live a healthy lifestyle using Web 3 isn’t FightOut’s only goal – creating elite “combat athletes” is also the primary goal.

As part of this program, you will be able to interact with athletes from the best combat sports, from boxers to Mizdd martial artists, and enjoy fitness programs tailored to you. With the inclusion of trained athletes in the FightOut ecosystem, the project hopes to integrate those who lack the confidence to enter the gym.

The presence of elite athletes is a motivation that modern procrastinators need to start working inside the gym. This unique approach will likely lead to more people choosing FightOut, which is more than can be said for the projects currently active in the space.

The $FGHT Presale Token Bonus Has Already Captured the Crowd’s Imagination

At the center of the FightOut ecosystem is the $FGHT token. There are 10 billion FGHT tokens available, 60% of which are available for presale. 30% of the tokens will be rewarded as early mover bonuses, and the remaining 10% will be used for liquidity on centralized and decentralized exchanges.

If you move in early, you can enjoy bonuses of 10% to 50%, depending on the number of purchases.

To access this bonus, pre-sale participants must opt ​​for a vesting period. The vesting period varies from six months, which gives a 10% bonus, to 24 months, which gives a 25% bonus. In addition to the monetary gains this token will likely bring, $FGHT also has the following utilities;


$FGHT will allow you to buy REPS. REPS is the in-app currency that you can use to purchase in-game assets from within the app.


$FGHT can be used to buy assets in the metaverse and is your ticket to fight in leagues and special game modes accessible. Additionally, it will also be used to place peer-to-peer bets on major contests.

Visit FightOut to participate in the presale

At first glance, FightOut is shaping up to be another big pre-sale hit of 2023. Visit the official website to participate and gain access to bonuses on top of getting that precursor advantage on what could very well be the next 10x crypto .

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FightOut (FGHT) – New Move to Earn Project

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