FightOut Crypto Presale Launches Raising 1.5M in First 24 Hours

As we head into 2023, we see more and more crypto projects popping up. One of these projects is Fight Outan innovative Move-to-Earn (M2E) platform that has already raised $1.5 million in just 24 hours after launch.

The struggle to maintain a healthy lifestyle has become increasingly difficult today, and people have no time to regain their health. This project aims to change that; it gives gamification to physical activity and tries to facilitate income while staying fit.

FightOut – Changing the Fitness Industry for the Better

Technological advancements have changed a lot in the fitness industry. Even so, traditional gyms with weights and machines, as well as boutique fitness studios, have been unable to address the industry’s most pressing issues.

Traditional and new-age gyms offer flexibility in training, but their price makes them difficult to maintain at a mass level. In order to overcome this problem, boutique fitness alternatives offer generic workout plans which are cost effective, but everyone has different lifestyles and diets, which these workouts will not address.

These are the exact reasons why traditional gyms are rapidly disappearing and people are turning to exercise apps instead. Hence, the Move-to-Earn (M2E) training model has become popular lately. The Move-to-Earn program isn’t just about making exercising easier, it also offers an exceptional motivational system to keep going until you reach your goal.

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