Fashion queen or business mogul? Taylor Ping says yes to everything

At first glance, you might think you’ve got Taylor Ping figured out. Her social media is full of fashion posts, she’s been on the cover of several magazines including L, Official, Forbes and GQ – but that’s only the surface of who she is. As they continue to read the articles, much like this one, they learn that Taylor Ping is as passionate about business as she is about her keen sense of style. Although the entrepreneur is only twenty-six, she has already established herself as a capable and successful businesswoman. Here’s a deeper look at who Taylor Ping is and the legacy she’s looking to leave behind.

Taylor’s journey to business fame began in college. Despite her best efforts to excel in college, she knew she had to take a different path. “I didn’t want to do fraternal evenings on the weekend, I wanted to do business.” This mindset led her to dedicate her time to learning all she could about business. During her studies, she launched several e-commerce brands and had the opportunity to work with several famous brands and influencers. In 2020, she co-founded Deadgal LLC, which sells Amazon’s Top Choice Nail Glue. Drawing on her experience building brands and helping others do the same, Taylor also launched Hierarchy Media, a PR agency that has helped entrepreneurs and global brands increase their reach and impact around the world. . It was just the beginning of his road to success.

Although she has found success, she admits the journey is not always easy. In fact, there were a lot of struggles for her to overcome. “One of the biggest things I had to overcome was self-doubt. I had to realize that I was good enough to make it on my own. And she did. Taylor serves now has thousands of customers around the world, runs several successful online training and retail businesses, and is rapidly rising through the ranks to eight-figure profits.As she pursues her assent, she intends to give back. “Whether it’s through podcasts, training, or building a community, I want to inspire others to find success by pursuing their dreams as well.”

For Taylor, everything she does is driven by a strong sense of giving back. “I don’t like to talk about numbers or the people we do business with, I want to attract others with a missionary mindset.” His latest venture was born out of a desire to do just that. The Risen Group is an investment fund Taylor is launching to connect like-minded entrepreneurs around the world to do business together. “We already have a lot of traction and investors. We seek to invest in multiple sectors, including real estate, cryptocurrency, and other global investments.

If you want to know more about Taylor Ping and her business empire, you can follow her on her Instagram. You can also visit her website for more information on working with Taylor and her team.

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