Every Main Character In Chainsaw Man, Ranked By Style

With the first season of Chainsaw Man Now firmly underway, fans of the anime are finally familiar with the show’s main cast. While much remains to be discovered about these individuals, one aspect of their character profile has already become quite clear: their sense of style.

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Fashion may not play a major role in Chainsaw Man‘s narrative, but that doesn’t mean all of its characters are completely lacking in the style department. The show’s protagonist, Denji, emphasizes the importance of enjoying the simple things in life, and as many of his peers have demonstrated, nice clothes and flashy accessories are one way to do that.

7/7 Denji has no interest in concepts like style or fashion

Denji in Chainsaw Man.

Most main shonen characters enjoy flashy designs and memorable costumes. However, when it comes to Chainsaw Man‘s Denji is far from the case. The Devil Hunter struggled financially throughout his childhood, which led him to develop the habit of wearing the cheapest and most modest clothes he could find.

Denji’s introduction to the Public Safety Devil Hunter program causes him to start enjoying the finer things in life, but at no point does he experience any serious changes in appearance. If it weren’t for his devil form, then he and Pochita would almost certainly be one of the blandest shonen protagonists of all time.

6/7 Kobeni’s sweet personality matches his boring appearance

Kobeni double peace sign

The world of Chainsaw Man is a hellish environment, teeming with indescribably horrifying devils who threaten humans on a daily basis. For that reason, it should come as no surprise that characters like Kobeni are rightfully terrified of their otherworldly adversaries.

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When it comes to style, Kobeni doesn’t appreciate a lot of visual variations. She sports the same suit and tie combo as most Devil Hunters, leaving her ahead of only Denji when it comes to fashion sense.

5/7 Himeno’s eye patch and charisma add flair to his Devil Hunter uniform

Himeno lights a cigarette in Chainsaw Man

Chainsaw ManThe first season of was visually stunning, but most of its main characters – especially those from the Devil Hunter program – sport nearly identical outfits. Himeno is no different, wearing the same black suit, white button-down, and black tie as her peers.

Luckily for Himeno, there’s one element of her design that clearly separates her from the rest of the Devil Hunters in the series: her eye patch. In addition to visually distinguishing her from other characters in the series, the prop hints at a hugely important aspect of her character explored later in the season.

4/7 Makima adds its own style to official public safety attire

Makima smiles in Chainsaw Man.

Despite spending quite a bit of screen time, Makima remains one of the most mysterious characters in Chainsaw Man. The head of Public Safety’s Devil Hunter program is a ruthless and detached leader whose background is completely unknown.

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However, while Makima’s background is a complete enigma, his elegant nature is not. Her surreal eyes and adorable hairstyle make Makima one of the Chainsaw Man‘s cutest characters, subtly tailored clothes, and sultry personality add a touch of sex appeal that leaves Denji more than hot in the face.

3/7 Kishibe’s appearance testifies to his status as the number one devil hunter

Kishibe lamenting

Almost every beloved shonen includes an equally beloved mentor, and while Kishibe has only had a few moments onscreen, he’s already left his mark on Chainsaw Man and his story. The alcoholic Devil Hunter is an absolute threat when it comes to combat – a trait that is only reinforced by his intimidating, characterful appearance.

Perhaps the most striking aspect of Kishibe’s design is the scar that adorns the left side of his face. Although the history of this mark is unknown, it almost certainly stems from Kishibe’s strange obsession with hunting devils. This, along with his hoop earrings, contemporary hairstyle and moody clothes, make Kishibe one of the Chainsaw Manthe most stylish characters.

2/7 Power’s fragment of humanity shines through in his costume choices

Power poses for Denji in Chainsaw Man's bathroom.

There are plenty of Devil Hunters cooperating with the Devils, but when it comes to Power, it’s a bit of a different case. The brash, loud-mouthed character is a demon, which means she’s technically a devil herself. Formerly known as Blood Devil, Power now possesses a human body which she uses to aid the Devil Hunters. Unfortunately, this did little to lessen his confrontational attitude.

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As the devil, Power often fails to appreciate the less extreme elements of the human experience. However, that doesn’t stop him from being one of the hottest characters of all. Chainsaw Man. With his devilish horns and sly smile, Power instantly stands out from the crowd. Amazingly, she also gets more costume changes than almost any of her peers, easily calling her the show’s most stylish female character.

1/7 Aki’s design epitomizes what makes a great anime rival

Aki Hayakawa in the Chainsaw Man anime.

The too-cool-for-school deuteragonist trope is featured in nearly every modern shonen, but even in a crowded sea of ​​similar characters, Chainsaw ManAki Hayakawa from stands out as one of the best of the genre. Her intense, no-frills personality is complemented perfectly by her costume choices, resulting in a fantastic character that was clearly designed with traditional shonen anime conventions in mind.

Like with Chainsaw ManAki’s other Devil Hunters wears a black suit and tie combo most of his screen time. However, his sleek sword, fashionable haircut, and well-designed hand signs give him a unique style that separates him from all the other main anime characters. Aki may never admit it, but when it comes to style, it’s clear that he takes his looks a bit more seriously than the rest of his peers.

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