Every Evil Goku In Dragon Ball History (And What Happened To Them)

Various villains Goku parallels have appeared throughout the dragonball frankness, but only the benevolent Kakarot prevailed. The Saiyans are a race of warriors with an innate penchant for combat, making them perfect pawns for Frieza and a living nightmare for their alien victims. However, after Frieza destroyed Planet Vegeta in dragonballthe last remaining Saiyans become the saviors of the world and the entire universe, all thanks to Goku’s infectious compassion.


Some dragonball characters that look like Goku or steal his body serve as dark mirrors to Goku, representing what could have happened if he didn’t have a good heart. If successful, these warriors could have turned Goku’s signature hairstyle into an ominous sign instead of a beacon of hope. But as fate would have it, all of Goku’s dark parallels were stopped, either by lack of power, self-sabotage, or sheer chance.

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Young Goku

Baby Goku in Dragon Ball Z

Saiyans used to send their low-level babies to distant planets hoping that their natural propensity for conflict would allow them to conquer and expand their rule. Apparently this method was effective, and it would have put the Earth at Goku’s feet if not for a convenient accident. When Goku was still a naturally unruly child under the care of the late Grandpa Gohan, he fell into a ravine and hit his head. Luckily for everyone, Goku’s villainous personality is gone and he’s forgotten about his mission to conquer Earth.

Frieza’s plan to eradicate all Saiyans didn’t work when various warriors purposely or accidentally avoided the destruction of their planet, but instead of rebuilding the brutal Saiyan race, Goku either wiped out the survivors or left. befriends them. Along with their respective Saiyan-human sons, the now-reformed Goku and Vegeta not only defeated Frieza, but also protected the world from powerful villains like the Androids, Cell and Buu, and competed in the Multiversal Tournament of Power, succeeding in the process. small expectations. Frieza and the Saiyan Royal Family had low level Saiyan warriors.


Turles and Goku in Dragon Ball Z The Tree Of Might

In Dragon Ball Z: The Tree of Mightone of dragonball ZIn many non-canon movies, the Saiyan Turles arrive on Earth to plant the Tree of Might and draw energy from it. Turles, extremely similar to Goku in appearance and origin, only seeks to increase his power and destroy other alien populations in the process – exactly what Goku could have done had he retained his original personality. In fact, low-level Saiyan warriors tend to share certain physical characteristics like their hair and facial features, and are generally expected to have the same goals if they don’t spend too much time stalking. adapt to the cultures they are meant to destroy.

Like Raditz and Nappa, Turles’ pride and overconfidence caused him to underestimate Goku and the Z-Warriors. He could have continued to multiply his power with the Tree of Power and only contacted Goku when he was strong enough to dominate the fight. Instead, he went straight to Earth to taunt Goku and was quickly humiliated. An eventual Super Saiyan transformation by Turles was unlikely without Goku and Vegeta’s level of training, but he might have had a better chance if he had a more humble personality.

Captain Ginyu

Captain Ginyu in Goku's body in Dragon Ball Z

Captain Ginyu couldn’t have been more different from Goku. He was a purple, black-horned alien of an unknown race with undying loyalty to Frieza and little power to speak of. However, Captain Ginyu had the ability to switch bodies with anyone he wanted. He managed to switch bodies with Goku, but instead of using Goku’s strength for his own benefit, Ginyu didn’t figure out how to use Goku’s divine power and quickly tried to switch bodies with Vegeta, which which also failed when Goku threw a frog between the two and trapped Ginyu inside the animal.

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Captain Ginyu could have wreaked havoc as Goku. He only needed enough time to harness Goku’s power and find his way out of Namek. As Goku, Ginyu could have conquered Earth or pressured almost anyone in the universe to obey him. But Ginyu’s greatest weakness was his myopia. Even with one of dragonballGinyu’s most useful abilities ended up serving Frieza and switching bodies with a frog. The fact that he didn’t even think about switching bodies with Frieza in the first place proves that Ginyu wouldn’t have gone too far had he stolen Vegeta’s body. Although he managed to survive long enough to switch bodies with Tagoma in Dragon Ball Super‘s Golden Frieza arc, he still got killed after annoying Vegeta.

Black Goku

Goku Black in Dragon Ball Super

The Most Successful Goku Dark Parallel In dragonball the story was Zamasu, who did what Captain Ginyu failed to do and definitely swapped bodies with Goku. Zamasu, an envious North Kai with a grudge against mortals, traveled to the future and used the Super Dragon Balls to wish on Goku’s body. This evil Goku might be the most tragic, as he went so far as to kill Goku’s family and destroy countless planets, claiming the life of Future Bulma in the process.

As Goku Black, Zamasu had the chance to destroy many other worlds, but just like Turles, he focused on Goku and the Z-Warriors, which resulted in his defeat. Goku Black teamed up with a future Zamasu and fused with him, but their fusion went awry when the Potara’s effects ended, and the Z-Warriors were able to shatter the abomination they had become. Goku Black’s unchecked ambition caused him to become a formless force of evil, and it took Future Zeno himself to erase him from existence. Needless to say, Goku Black is not only the most powerful version of an Evil Goku, but also one of the most powerful villains in dragonball the story.

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Bardock and Goku in Dragon Ball Z

Goku’s father, Bardock, was a cold-blooded warrior like most low-level Saiyans. Brutal like his comrades, Bardock may have been the last thing several alien races saw before their deaths. However, Bardock was also smarter than the regular Saiyan, as he deduced Frieza’s plan to round up all the Saiyans on Planet Vegeta before destroying it. While Bardock couldn’t save his people, he proved himself a selfless hero at the very last moment. In each version of Bardock heavily retconned dragonball story, he could have escaped on his own and made a new life on another planet, but he sent his son off the planet and tried to oppose his tyrannical boss with all the odds against him. Moreover, he was motivated by the death of his fellow soldiers and he faced Frieza while wearing their blood on his forehead. Bardock may have been a mere foot soldier, but his sacrifice signaled the kind of selfless behavior that would characterize dragonballthe greatest hero, Goku.

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