Every Easter Egg and Tim Burton Wednesday Movie Reference

WARNING! This article contains SPOILERS for Season 1 Wednesday!by Netflix Wednesday season 1 includes many hidden easter eggs and references to director Tim Burton. The filmmaker has long been known for his gothic, wacky style, his obsession with the macabre, and his focus on supernatural outcasts, which made him the perfect choice to tackle The Addams Familythe series derived from Wednesday. In addition to directing the first four episodes of Wednesday season 1, Burton serves as an executive producer on the series, so his style had a major influence on the overall look of the Netflix show.

In addition to Easter eggs for classic horror films and callbacks to past adaptations of the spooky Addams Family, the Netflix series pays homage to previous Tim Burton films through props, costumes and creature designs. Of beetle juice at Return of Batmaninspirations from Burton’s filmography are scattered across Wednesday season 1. While Burton himself took over most of them, WednesdayProduction designer Mark Scruton told Netflix TUDUM that the art department included many subtle references that were hard to spot. Here’s a breakdown of all the Easter eggs and references to Tim Burton movies and characters in Wednesday.

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8/8 Burton Coffee Weathervanes

Wednesday Netflix Tim Burton Easter Eggs Weathervane Cafe

Tim Burton’s biggest recurring Easter eggs in Wednesday season 1 are the drawings of the weather vanes on the back wall of the Weathervane Café in Jericho. While the weather vanes are largely obscured, a few of the designs can be seen from certain angles. One of the weathervanes features Willy Wonka’s hat from the 2005 Tim Burton film Charlie and the chocolate factory.

A second coffee weather vane has scissors and a pin. This one in gold could refer to the 1990s Edward Scissorhands and 2007 Sweeney Todd: The Demon Barber of Fleet Street. Another weather vane in Wednesday season 1 features a headless horseman, a reference to Tim Burton’s 1999 film sleepy hollowwhich stars Marilyn Thornhill / Laurel Gates actress Christina Ricci.

7/8 Stuffed Roadkill inspired by Tim Burton from Uriah’s Heap

Wednesday Dr Kinbott Stuffed Mice Tim Burton Easter Eggs

One of the most bizarre recurring features of Wednesday season 1 is the stuffed roadkill in Uriah’s Heap, which the series later reveals was created by Wednesday Addams’ therapist, Dr. Valerie Kinbott. Kinbott’s store and closet reveal plush mice dressed in outfits inspired by characters from Tim Burton’s movies. A mouse wears the iconic white and black striped costume from the 1988 horror comedy beetle juice, the stuffed creature even being topped with a wig similar to the one Michael Keaton wore as the title poltergeist. Another animal that has been subjected to taxidermy wears the red circus ringmaster costume inspired by Danny DeVito’s character Max Medici in Tim Burton’s 2019 adaptation of Dumbo.

6/8 Black Wednesday Catsuit

Wednesday Addams Enid Sinclair Poe Cup Race Canoe The Black Cat

In Wednesday season 1, episode 2, Enid Sinclair and Wednesday don black catsuits matching the theme of their canoe: that of Edgar Allen Poe The black Cat. The costume design is reminiscent of a few key outfits from previous Tim Burton films. Tim Burton’s most obvious reference to the black catsuit is his 1992 film Return of Batmanas Wednesday and Enid’s costume mirrors the costume worn by Michelle Pfeiffer as Catwoman. WednesdayThe costume is also similar to that of the main character in the 1990 Tim Burton film Edward Scissorhands. Considering WednesdayColleen Atwood’s costume designer also worked on Edward Scissorhandsthe similarities between the two outfits do not seem coincidental.

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5/8 Beetlejuice Striped Popcorn Bags

Wednesday Netflix Tim Burton Beetlejuice Tyler Wednesday Addams

While this clever Easter egg is largely hidden on the show due to dim lighting, Wednesday and Tyler eat out of referencing bags of popcorn. beetle juice in Wednesday season 1, episode 7. The bags have black and white stripes inspired by beetle juiceBurton’s signature pinstripe suit, which is another Easter egg from Burton’s iconic 1988 film. However, the Easter egg stops at the bag of popcorn, as the “horror movie” that Wednesday and Tyler watch in the east scene Revenge of a Blonde.

4/8 Shrunken head of Principal Weems

Wednesday Manager Larissa Weems Desk Shrunken Head

Principal Larissa Weems’ office is filled with Easter eggs and references to the past Addams Family adaptations and films by Tim Burton. One of those Easter eggs in Wednesday is a shrunken head, which Weems placed in a glass display case on his desk. The shrunken head is another reference to beetle juiceas the main character sits next to a shrunken-headed man in the ghost-filled waiting room. Wednesday Season 1’s reference to the Tim Burton movie is pretty accurate, as it even features the same hairstyle as the ghost in beetle juice.

3/8 Hyde’s design recalls the great adventure of Beetlejuice and Pee-Wee

Wednesday Season 1 Hyde Monster Tyler

Tim Burton’s unique style inspires many Wednesdayy’s overall design, but even more so with the main monster of the season, Tyler’s Hyde. Without surprise, WednesdayHyde’s Monster was based on an original drawing by Tim Burton, with this sketch also featuring among drawings by Xavier Thorpe in his makeshift art studio. The Hyde’s bug eyes, large head, unique claws and exaggerated, distorted appearance are reminiscent of many past Tim Burton creature designs, but most clearly of two specific scary faces in beetle juice and his debut as a feature film director in 1985 Peewee’s Big Adventure.

The design of the face WednesdayHyde’s monster looks eerily similar to the creepy snake monster that Michael Keaton’s poltergeist character transforms during beetle juice, especially the shape of the head, the wig, the sharp teeth and the eyes. Beetlejuice wanted to prove he could scare the Deetz family for the Maitlands, which this creepy monster design certainly accomplished. Wednesday‘s Hyde is also reminiscent of the creepy creature that Large Marge transforms into Peewee’s Big Adventure. As beetle juiceit’s a scary snake, pee-weeBurton’s monster design had a wig and giant eyes which appear to have partially inspired Burton’s Hyde design.

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2/8 Wednesday’s dance dress is a callback to Lydia Deetz

Wednesday dance jenna ortega

One of the most iconic moments in the Netflix series is Wednesday season 1, episode 4 dance scene, partly because of the main character’s eccentric dance moves, and partly because of her black dress. The ruffled dress is meant to make Wednesday Addams stand out among her Nevermore Academy peers, as the others wear modern white outfits while Wednesday wears a vintage black style. While the outfit is certainly unique, the dress of WednesdayThe dance scene in is also strikingly similar to the red, ruffled “wedding dress” worn by Winona Ryder’s gothic character, Lydia Deetz, in Tim Burton’s beetle juice.

1/8 Large Marge picks up a hitchhiker

Wednesday Episode 1 Truck Driver

At the same time as Wednesday Addams is taken to Nevermore Academy in Wednesday season 1, episode 1, an impatient hitchhiker is dropped off in the nearby woods by a local woman. While the side of the character’s truck appears to indicate her name is Martha, she bears a notable resemblance to the truck driver called Large Marge in Peewee’s Big Adventure. Like the young camper, Pee-wee hitchhiked with a trucker who turned out to be quite eccentric. WednesdayTim Burton’s Easter egg is particularly noticeable due to the truck driver’s red and black flannel shirt, wide-eyed eyes, and ominous warnings.

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