Every clue to Dabi’s true identity until Dabi’s Dance

my hero academia‘s Dabi was a mysterious character for a while. His aloof attitude and shrewd wit made him a formidable foe to the heroes. Other than his name, he didn’t reveal anything else until his identity was revealed in the 11th episode of Season 6 titled “Dabi’s Dance”.

Dabi was, like many my hero academia suspected fans, one of Endeavour’s sons, Touya Todoroki. Called a failure by his father and driven mad by the desire to please him, he ends up burning himself alive.

When everyone thought he was dead, Touya reinvented himself as Dabi and joined the League of Villains. Since then, he has made it his goal to get revenge on his father and make him suffer for what he had done. On that note, here are all the clues to Dabi’s true identity up until Season 6 Episode 11.

My Hero Academia: Every clue to Dabi’s true identity until Dabi’s Dance

1) Physical characteristics

Dabi aka Touya Todoroki (Image via Studio Bones)
Dabi aka Touya Todoroki (Image via Studio Bones)

In my hero academia, Dabi’s facial features closely resembled those of the Todoroki family. His hair, though dyed black, looked a lot like a young Endeavor’s hairstyle.

His turquoise eyes were the same as the Todoroki. This eye color was unique to their family, especially on Endeavour’s side, his being a greenish blue. Apart from him, Fuyumi and Shoto had the same color left eye.

The anime confirmed this fact. Also, since blue eyes are normally recessive and Rei’s were gray, it turned out that blue was the dominant one and their children possessed them.

2) Weird – Cremation

The cremation of Dabi's Quirk (Image via Studio Bones)
The cremation of Dabi’s Quirk (Image via Studio Bones)

Dabi’s Quirk cremation gave him some of the hottest flames in my hero academia, burning at a temperature of at least 2000°C (3632°F). Propelled by his hatred and his rage, his flames burned more the more he was angry. While it’s safe to say that not all flame users are related to the Todoroki family, Dabi’s are unique.

Going back to Endeavour, he wanted to create the perfect offspring that could combine his and his wife’s Quirks to counter overheating using ice. Dabi’s flames were blue from a chemical reaction rather than temperature.

Rei most likely produced ice, thanks to the liquid nitrogen in her body. When used with flames, it burns bright blue due to reaction with carbon and nitrogen. So when Dabi was born, her genes and Endeavor’s combined but did not balance each other. Therefore, his flames were blue instead of orange-red like Shoto.

3) Fighting style

Dabi prefers to fight from long range (Image via Studio Bones)
Dabi prefers to fight from long range (Image via Studio Bones)

Questionable, but worth watching. It was mentioned that Endeavor put Dabi through rigorous training to make him capable of surpassing my hero academiaAll Might’s number 1 hero. As a result, he clearly taught her to fight the way he did, preferably from a distance at first, then closer later.

Even Shoto fights at long range, using his ice side and, gradually, his flame side. This is probably also due to the formation of Endeavor. As a result, this serves as another clue to Dabi’s identity.

4) Adopt the belief of Stain

Hero Killer Spot (Image via Studio Bones)
Hero Killer Spot (Image via Studio Bones)

my hero academia‘s Stain was a villain and ex-vigilante who killed a number of pro-heroes. This earned him the name Hero Killer. He was adamant that those who became heroes for money and fame were unworthy of the title of hero. As a result, he took it upon himself to hunt down these “imposters” and cleanse society of false heroes.

All Might was the only one he recognized because he always had a smile on his face and did everything he could to help people. Dabi supported his ideal of ridding society of false heroes, like his father. He was the epitome of a hero squeezed under the weight of fame and ego rather than doing good for the sake of doing good.

In fact, that was precisely what the Endeavor was. Thus, he set himself on fire in order to appease his father. He was called Dabi after he decided to fake his own death and join the underworld (translated as the word “cremation”).

5) Interaction with family and heroes

Dabi calls Hawks by his real name (Image via Studio Bones)
Dabi calls Hawks by his real name (Image via Studio Bones)

Dabi’s interactions with his family and other Pro-Heroes were also indicators of his identity in my hero academia. When he first met Shoto and Endeavor, he addressed them by their full names, Shoto Todoroki and Enji Todoroki, as if he had a personal connection to each of them.

After saving Twice from the Hawks in my hero academia season 6, he also addressed him by his first name, which caught the Wing Hero off guard. That’s probably when Hawks started to suspect who the bad guy was.

6) Fragile Constitution

Although quite powerful, Dabi's body couldn't handle the extreme heat (Image via Studio Bones)
Although quite powerful, Dabi’s body couldn’t handle the extreme heat (Image via Studio Bones)

He may have inherited his mother’s vulnerability to fire, in addition to inheriting genes from his parents, albeit unbalanced. This explains why he is not able to use his Quirk as effectively as he would like. Moreover, he was most likely born with an illness that made him frail.

He is noticeably shorter than Natsuo and Fuyumi when seen as a child standing beside them. Years later, Dabi from my hero academia is still fragile and has a weak constitution, which is probably why he fights at long range and only for a short time.

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