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David’s hair changed in a few hours! (Picture: ITV)

David Metcalfe (Matthew Wolfenden) in Emmerdale has certainly sported many hairstyles over the years.

From almost all of his hair being cut and turned blonde, to a bit longer, David has changed so much since he arrived – we could start calling the new looks regenerations!

This week, viewers picked up another transformation for the trader.

At the start of the week, David’s hair looked pretty normal, a style we’ve been used to for a few months.

However, last night fans realized it was cut!

“Has David had his hair cut since last night?” a Twitter user asked.

Another said: ‘Loving David’s new haircut he just needs to stop whining!’

Does anyone track how many hairstyles David has had over the years? (Picture: ITV)

Life hasn’t been easy for David lately as he faces constant money issues.

All of David’s options to keep his business afloat seemed exhausted. His Christmas grotto was not the success he hoped for, as people came to take photos of his beauty and then left to order things online.

This week, Kim (Claire King) had turned down his offer to invest in the business, telling him it could be a goldmine but not with him in charge. And Pollard (Chris Chittell) hadn’t understood his son’s hints that another cash injection would be welcome, because he knows that is throwing money after evil.

And last night, David decided to put the shop and his house up for sale. Victoria was sympathetic, especially when David promised to repay every penny he owed her, and Eric said he was proud of him for taking steps to sort out his life.

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