Emma Myers fangirls over Jenna Ortega’s short hair with flirty IG comment

Jenna Ortega debuted a new cropped hairstyle and Wednesday co-star Emma Myers is a total fan of it — we don’t blame her, by the way.

Jenna Ortega and Emma Myers are the latest stars thanks to the resounding success of the Netflix mystery comedy on Wednesday. Stuck In The Middle actress Jenna stars as Wednesday Addams, while Emma is the talent behind Enid Sinclair, Wednesday’s best friend.

Besides their acting skills, it’s the on-screen chemistry that gives the supernatural series a boost and we have their true friendship to thank for that.

Jenna and Emma’s bubbly banter during their recent press tour had fans shipping the pair as Wenclair, and the Enid actress’ latest seductive comment sent them completely over the edge.

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Jenna Ortega’s New Short Hair Lost Words to Emma Myers

Jenna, 20, ditched her long locks and curtain bangs for a layered bob just before her first appearance on The Tonight Show With Jimmy Fallon. Paired with a Wednesday-inspired outfit of a crisp white shirt under a black mesh top, Instagram’s reveal sent fans and her celebrity friends into a frenzy.

Wednesday’s co-stars Hunter Doohan and Joy Sunday gave him their stamp of approval: “OMG HELP,” commented Hunter, who plays Wednesday’s love interest Tyler Galpin.

With 14.9 million likes, the image is Jenna’s most liked post.

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Nothing could top Emma’s comment, even though she couldn’t find the words to describe herself. That being said, the internet knows exactly what she means.

“I think maybe I uh…. when you uh…i think…uh *gulp*…hi,” she wrote.

Do you know the feeling when you are completely blown away and speechless? That’s the vibe we get from Emma. And, with over 124,000 comment likes, fans are begging the actresses to become an item.

“When are you going to get married?” a surveyed user.

Another laughed: “Emma AKNDKABDKSBJC gay panic OMG.”

Jenna’s admirers, however, are warning the actress to stay away from their crush. “Stand back bro, she’s mine,” one shot back.

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Friendship on and off screen is similar

Their bond is just as strong behind the camera, with Emma calling their friendship a “sweet little relationship”.

Asked by Jenna about the difference between their real selves and Enid and Wednesday, Emma says the two pairs complement each other well.

Don’t worry, Jenna returned love in agreement and went to hold his hand. What adorable best friends!

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