Emily In Paris Season 3: Everything Fashionable

The final two seasons of one of the hottest shows on Netflix, Emily In Paris, have received more love than expected. Not just for the plot, but also for the fashion statement the show made and got all the fashionistas going wild. Season 3 isn’t out yet, but talk of Emily’s new fashion projects is buzzing around the web.


Flashbacking, Season 2 ended with Emily torn between two truly worthy lovers, Gabriel and Alfie, but clearly heartbroken when Gabriel and Camille decide to move in together.

Netizens have loved this pair since Season 1, but with Alfie in the picture, netizens are now torn between the two-couple team. Another significant cliffhanger is Emily’s choice between staying with Savoir to try to “Americanize” the company or joining Sylvie as she starts a new marketing venture.

But with the complex storylines for love lives, hot love interests, and over-the-top fashion, the show’s costume designers, Patricia Field and Marylin Fitoussi, are adept at sartorial storytelling, giving us some insight into who the stars are. characters and what they are going through.


Image source: MyGoodTimes

Subtlety is definitely not an element of Emily’s wardrobe. She throws extreme prints and pops of color in a very colorful outfit. Leaked scenes from season three show that Emily would still kill her signature style code. Cheerful, colorful and energetic.

But in Season 3, her outfits reveal a more monochromatic approach and more subtle prints like polka dots and plaid patterns.

The lady is also sporting a new bangs hairstyle to shock us all by not going with her signature look from both seasons.


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Emily layers a plaid coat over a plaid button-up shirt while accessorizing with a CH Carolina Herrera bag and tailored pants. She also superimposes the houndstooth pattern on top of the throw.

Image source: Netflix

Her choice of outfit seems more mature and may indicate that she is becoming more self-aware of her decisions and their repercussions as far as the story goes.

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With her thick black hair, her unkempt bangs and her scarlet lips, Lily Collins looked like the ideal Frenchwoman.

What about her stunning outfit?

Lily has remained loyal to icons of French luxury design like Cartier and Saint Laurent. The taupe-brown color is a take on the cut-out, ruched dresses featured on the luxury fashion house’s Spring 2023 show.

Image source: WhoWhatWear

The features are certainly so eye-catching here, but don’t let them distract you from chunky platform heels. Season 3 of Emily In Paris is expected to be just as much about wedge heels as it is about another love life complication.

Image source: Netflix

Emily sports her signature look shining like the sun while Mindy is in gold and all things super stylish but with a hint of subtlety. Mindy always seems to look like the royalty that she is. Here we see Emily again wearing wedge heels.

Image source: Netflix

Emily is going to give all the traditional power suits a hard time with her own version of popping colors. Her power suit style has always been more representative of her personality, and that’s what Emily says fashion is all about. A show of his own personality.

You might already be counting down the days until season three of Emily in Paris if fun, French and fashion are three of your favorite F-words. Starting December 21, you can binge-watch Lily Collins as part of Emily’s rather rocky ride across the Seine only on Netflix.

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