Elden Ring Player shows Judge Judy build

An Elden Ring player shares a video showing off his character based on Judge Judy from the popular reality audience series of the same name.

A Ring of Elden The player created his character based on Judge Judy from the famous reality TV show. Ring of Elden recently released a new update called 1.08, which brought a host of new features, including the long-awaited Colosseum mode. The developers have added Coliseums in Limgrave, Caelid, and Leyndell, each with different rules and regulations. While most fans love the new mode, some think the Colosseum in Ring of Elden can be improved.

Moreover, the last Ring of Elden The update brought many balance fixes and cosmetic changes, including new hairstyles like ponytails. The ponytail hairstyle allows players to create characters like Harley Quinn and Sailor Moon in Ring of Elden. Now another player has used the new cosmetic features to create a famous personality from a well-known reality TV show called Judge Judy.


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Reddit user mundyverbal uploaded a video on the Ring of Elden subreddit, which shows their Judge Judy build. Notably, the Mundayverbal avatar has short hair and wears black robes, similar to what legal professionals like Judge Judy wear in real life. The video shows the mundayverbal version of Judge Judy fighting in the Leyndell Coliseum in Ring of Elden, where they are in a one-on-one battle. The opponent instantly summons a knight to aid them, while the player uses the ashes of Mimic Tear to make a copy of their Ring of Elden to build. The Spectral Knight goes on the offensive and attacks the user with multiple lightning attacks, which it successfully dodges.

Shortly after, the Mimic Tear distracts the Rival Spirit Summon but is interrupted by the opposing player. The Mimic is overwhelmed by the continuous assaults of the two formidable adversaries and dies within seconds, leaving mundayverbal’s Judge Judy in a vulnerable position. Yet the Ring of Elden The player uses innovative techniques by carefully timing his attacks and dodges, remaining a constant threat to the opponent. Amazingly, they dodge powerful oncoming onslaughts from the Spirit and the opposing player, including the powerful Corpse Piler move from the Rivers of Blood katana. Instead of aiming for the knight, the player chases the opponent and finishes them with Haima’s Hammer sorcery from Ring of Elden.

The interesting thing about the Gavel of Haima sorcery is that it creates a huge spectral hammer that crushes the enemy with a devastating blow. Judges use a gavel to handle court proceedings and use the Haima Gavel with an integrated Judge Judy Ring of Elden makes it more appropriate. It belongs to the Glintstone Sorceries group, and players who want to use it must have at least 25 Intelligence in Ring of Elden.

Ring of Elden is now available for PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One and Xbox Series X/S.

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