Eddie Redmayne’s fashion education continues in Paris

During vogueIn his conversation with Eddie Redmayne during Paris Men’s Fashion Week, the word “stylish” comes up countless times. The British darling of screen and stage, who recently thrilled theater fans with his electric club kid revamp of Cabaretis full of praise for the classic style of his parents (his father, an Omega watchmaker, always had a subtle difference in his suit that delighted a young Eddie), as well as his wife Hannah Bagshawe, who guided his color-the the blind husband’s clothing choices before Redmayne recently recruited Harry Lambert to take over.

The word ‘elegant’ also suits the brand the Oscar-winning actor is wearing today as he enjoys the innate pleasures of the French capital before heading to the Dior Homme Fall/Winter 2023 show – something Eddie describes as “the embodiment of Paris”. Dressed in a quintessential Kim Jones look — a khaki suit laced with understated eccentricities, like the shirt trimmed with delicate buttons on the sleeves and back panel — Redmayne praises the formal fit with a designer twist for its freshness. The romance between the two designers also tied to those strong but soft lines when they met at a V&A event a few years ago, when Jones, the new creative director of menswear, shared that his obsession for the Bloomsbury set would underline his vision for the house.

Post-bath and pre-show mode.

Darren Gerrish

Adorned with the quintessence of Kim Jones for Dior.

Darren Gerrish

“Entering the world of fashion is a wonderful complement to the work I do,” says Redmayne, who is fascinated by the stories stitched into clothes and considers dressing for the red carpet and the front row to be its own form. theatre. “The more you question a look, the more you realize there’s a whole story behind it – so many of the iconic things Dior has done are kind of embedded in our psyches without us even thinking about them.”

In addition to Jones, he credits Lambert with his upbringing in fashion and helping him harness his inherent playfulness. But “Hannah is the only person who will tell me absolutely when I’m completely wrong,” he says with a rather rare modesty in Hollywood. “Sometimes when people said it was a bold choice, it was actually the wrong choice because Hannah wasn’t there to indicate that I was wearing a slightly obscene color.”

Playfulness has become a key part of Redmayne’s style, especially under the eye of stylist Harry Lambert.

Darren Gerrish

Eddie first admired Harry’s work on fellow actor Josh O’Connor.

Darren Gerrish

He goes to great lengths to make it clear that the couple’s polished red carpet style isn’t meant to coordinate — “it makes it sound so 90s, like Posh and Becks!” – but it all comes down to its pristine taste. It feels like Redmayne is the dreamer of the two. As Hannah plans her route to shop for children’s clothes in the City of Lights, Eddie is enthused by the empowering nature of Jones’ latest Dior collection and still basks in the French production of Cabaret he saw last night.

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