Dragon Ball Creator’s New Anime Sand Land Stuns At First Sight

Dragon Ball creator Akira Toriyama’s latest project has only just been announced, but the new Sand Land series is already turning heads.

legendary creator of dragonballAkira Toriyama has just revealed his involvement in a brand new adaptation of one of his other works, land of sandand it’s already catching the eye of a first look just released.

The first new information about the project has now arrived in the form of a magazine scan (provided courtesy of the Twitter account DbsHype), showing some images from the series and providing some basic information about the series as well as its plot and characters. The magazine page features several stills from the series, including one of Beelzebub and Thief trying to outrun a sand monster in a car, as well as shots of the tank, the trio, and Beelzebub and Thief in the tank. Many fans have compared the look of the series in these stills to the recent Dragon Ball Super: Super heroes movie, suggesting it might use a similar style of CGI animation. Probably the most valuable new piece of information about this magazine feature is a date: 2023, which suggests that the project will reach the distribution platform it will end on next year. The magazine also includes the names of the animation studios working there, including Sunrise and Kamikaze Douga.


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The land of sand The project was first announced on December 8 with a special video featuring some very cool sand art, with the promise that more information would be coming soon. The series is based on the first Toriyama manga released after concluding dragonball and had a brief run from May to August 2000. land of sand follows Beelzebub, the Prince of Demons, a retired general-turned-sheriff named Rao, and Beelzebub’s friend Thief, as the trio search their post-apocalyptic desert world in a reservoir for a new source of water, out of the control of their greedy king.

Toriyama finally has a chance to expand the world of land of sand


Considering the short length of the manga (only 14 chapters), it’s reasonable to think that some expansion of the source material may take place in this adaptation, especially since Toriyama’s close participation in the anime is announced. . land of sand bears many characteristics of Toriyama’s style that will be familiar to dragonball fans, such as pointy-eared non-humans, characters with tails, and outlandish hairstyles. It was said that Toriyama was not very happy with the project when he was working on it, mainly because the tank turned out to be extremely difficult to draw, and Toriyama had long insisted on doing all the drawing by himself. Given Toriyama’s willingness to work with Toyotaro on Dragon Ball Superhe’s obviously overcome that need to do it all, so maybe this project represents a chance to revisit a job he was never fully satisfied with and turn it into something he can be.

More information on the series is set to drop on December 17, so fans won’t have long to wait to find out more about the dragonball creator’s latest project, Land of sand.

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