Does Batsheva wear a wig? It was “expected” in the Orthodox community

My Unorthodox Life fans may be wondering if Batsheva Haart wears a wig because she is from the Orthodox Jewish community. The 29-year-old was a married woman when fans first met her on the Netflix show in 2021.

However, when season 2 dropped on Netflix, Batsheva explained that she and husband Ben Weinstein had separated. The couple had been together for ten years but she was seen going through a divorce during season 2.

At the same time, his mother Julia Haart was also going through a divorce. The Haarts lived a different life than they were used to in an Orthodox Jewish community. Let’s see if Batsheva wears a wig these days.

Batsheva Haart poses wearing a pajama-style light blue satin two-piece with feathered cuffs
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Does Batsheva wear a wig?

No, Batsheva Haart does not wear a wig.

She often sports different hairstyles on her Instagram page as she is a social media influencer.

Batsheva also shows off different fashion looks during her filing for seasons 1 and 2 of My Unorthodox Life.

Batsheva explains wigs in the Jewish community

Speaking on Episode 2 of her podcast, Heart To Haart, Batsheva said she grew up “ultra-Orthodox, very religious” and attended an all-girls school.

Hey Alma reports that Batsheva was asked if married Orthodox Jewish women “cover their hair and with what?”

She explained, “Yeah, especially with wigs. But where I grew up some people said wearing a wig wasn’t modest enough because it was like fake hair, so I even knew people who wore something synthetic on their head or just a hat .

Bustle also reported in 2021 that when Batsheva lived in the Orthodox Jewish community, she was “supposed not to wear revealing pants or clothes and cover her hair with a wig.” Since leaving the community, the publication reports that Batsheva has been “eager to experiment with her style.”

See Batsheva Haart hairstyles now

While Batsheva was used to different expectations in her old Orthodox life, she now wears all kinds of clothes and hairstyles. She can be found on Instagram with 543,000 followers at @batshevahaart.

Batsheva wears all kinds of looks on her IG page and styles her hair in many ways. She can be seen with a simple straightened look, wearing braids, curls, side partings, ponytails or half up and down half do’s.

Batsheva also has 1.4 million followers on TikTok. On her page, she shares videos of pressed nails, “Get Ready With Me” makeup tutorials, and different ways to style necklaces from her range with The Clear Cut.



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