Do you want a glamorous and sweet look? Priyanka Chopra’s makeup artist will guide you

From Instagram reels to runways, soft glam makeup has gained massive popularity among celebrities. This natural makeup highlights the most attractive features of your face while giving you a natural outlook. Soft glamorous makeup looks are quite similar to the popular no-makeup look, as the goal is to highlight natural, flawless skin.

Speaking on the subject, celebrity makeup artist, Daniel Bauer, popularly known for dressing Anushka Sharma, Katrina Kaif and Priyanka Chopra, shared, “Even the touch of colors like blush or eye shadow are soft and diffuses, so everything blends into each other, with soft glamor makeup.

Following the trend, Priyanka Chopra also chose soft glam makeup for the pre-Grammys party this year, which complemented her champagne dress perfectly. While actresses favor soft glam makeup techniques, Daniel is among the professionals with great advice and insight on the subject.

Check out Priyanka’s pre-Grammy look here:

Tips for getting the perfect soft glamor makeup look:

Preparation of the skin: The first and most crucial step in soft glam makeup is prepping and hydrating the skin. As all makeup products require perfect blending into your skin, prepping the skin for a healthy base is essential.

Foundation: The next step is to apply the foundation. To do this, you must first understand your skin tone and undertone. With the right shade of foundation, you will achieve this makeup.

Bauer suggested using liquid foundation with a creamy highlighter to create the perfect effect, “A creamy highlighter is 10 times thinner than a shimmer or highlighter, and it instantly gives you a radiant glow.”

To blush: Daniel further added that skipping the crisp, chiseled outline; use blush instead to give your look a super shiny and sleek finish. But if you are using a form, use a cream formula as it blends better into your skin without creating harsh lines.

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Eye shadow: For eyeshadow, opt for neutral shades. But that doesn’t mean you leave it with just a taupe hue. You can also use a brown eyeliner pencil to blur the lines and give your lids more natural warmth.

Lipstick: For the lips, Daniel suggested opting for either a glossy shade with a velvety finish or a glossy or matte nude lipstick. Keep the shade close to your natural lip color.

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