Disney Dreamlight Valley Player Shares the Dresses They Made for Christmas

A Disney Dreamlight Valley fan shows off a number of dresses they made for their avatar to celebrate Christmas.

A Disney Valley of Dreams player shared a collection of dresses they made for Christmas. With the holiday season approaching, a number of gamers are using their hobby to celebrate. This has led to Christmas-themed events in a variety of games, helping to spread some cheer.

Players also celebrated the in-game holiday with their own creations. Players have used titles such as Minecraft to complete holiday-themed projects, delivering awesome creations for all to enjoy. A Disney Valley of Dreams The player has decided to ring in this time of year with a number of custom dresses that are all based around Christmas.


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A Reddit user named LadyAerlynn posted a number of images showing dresses they made for Christmas in Disney Valley of Dreams. The user has created nine dresses in total, all of which have their own themes. This includes a Santa outfit, a Christmas tree dress, and a candy cane set. LadyAerlynn also tailored her hairstyle to each outfit, stating that she likes to pair hair and companions with what she creates so that it all comes together. All of the dresses are gorgeous, showing a lot of creativity and dedication from the player.

Dreamlight Valley 2 Christmas Dresses

For images of all nine dresses, check out LadyAerlynn’s original post on Reddit.

A number of Redditors showed their love for LadyAerlynn’s dresses and said they were beautiful and creative. One commenter mentioned that he thought the outfits were art and that he was in love with them. Another user said he needed the ability to upload outfit designs, referring to the fact that Disney Valley of Dreams does not allow users to share creations. The dresses are well made and bring with them a lot of holiday cheer.

LadyAerlynn’s outfits are a great example of what’s possible in Gameloft’s life sim. Many players have created awesome custom dresses in Disney Valley of Dreams, all of which have different themes and inspirations. This includes sets based on Disney Princesses such as Jasmine, Pocahontas and Tiana. Some players also based some of their ideas on other properties like The Legend of Zelda and animal crossing. One player even designed a set of dresses based on the outfits the character Rose wears in the movie Titanic. Disney Valley of Dreams has given players many tools that allow them to be creative with their clothing and will likely add more when the game officially releases and receives more content updates over time.

Disney Valley of Dreams is available via Early Access for PC, PS4, PS5, Switch, Xbox One and Xbox Series X/S.

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