Disco Curls Hairstyle Trend is perfect for the holidays

When you start planning your vacation outfit, don’t forget to consider your vacation hairstyle options. You can go the classic route with a half-up half-down style or a trendy Barbie ponytail, but why not really make a statement this year with the disco curls hairstyle trend? This retro style has already proven itself among celebrities, and it’s easy to see why.

Whether you’re whipping up a look for Christmas dinner or planning a New Year’s Eve gathering, this voluminous, curly style will have you looking extra glam. You hardly need a party outfit with this hairstyle – it’s a complete look on its own. “Think of Cher and Donna Summer at Studio 54 — or the three queens in ‘The Witches of Eastwick,'” celebrity hairstylist Clayton Hawkins told POPSUGAR of the trend. “Disco curls are synonymous with decibel volume and defined curls, especially around the face.”

Hawkin recently created Kiernan Shipka’s look for her ’70s-themed birthday party in November, and she shone like an absolute star — or a disco ball, if you will. Shipka’s version of the look featured flattened roots and bouncy, brushed-out curls all around her face. With small, tight curls, “disco curls” are the opposite of another popular ’70s look: the fluffy blow-dry, which features loose, big-barrel curls.

How To: Disco Curls Hairstyle Tutorial

Hawkins has some tips for recreating the “disco curls” hairstyle trend this winter. Your course of action depends on your natural hair type. If your hair isn’t curly, you’ll want to start with a wet volumizer, like Dove Hair Therapy Volume Booster ($8), and diffuse with a blow dryer. “I then went in with a 0.5 inch curling iron and wrapped tiny sections creating super tight curls,” says Hawkins. We like the Ghd Curl Thin Wand ($200) for this. Once you are done curling your entire head, apply a good coat of hairspray to lock the style in place.

“Once the hair was all curled, I went in and separated each curl, scrunching it up a bit and helping it spread out,” Hawkins explains. If curls get frizzy when you do this, coat them with a little hair serum or oil, like Oribe Gold Lust Nourishing Hair Oil ($57) or Dove Hair Therapy Brilliant Gloss and Repair Serum ($8). $). But Hawkins says, “I’m not afraid of a little frizz with this look.”

If you have naturally curly hair, you should be able to achieve the “disco curls” look without a curling iron. Start by applying mousse, like Pattern by Tracee Ellis Ross Curl Mousse ($20), to “dampened” hair, then diffuse with your hair dryer. “Try not to touch the hair at all until it is completely dry, [so] so you don’t break your natural curls,” he says. “Then you can go over with a little iron and set around your face. Don’t be afraid to gently part the curls when you’re done.”

Finish the ’70s moment with a shimmery eyeshadow and lip gloss look, and you’re set.

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