Demi Rose Wows Fans in All-See-Through Outfit for ‘Secret Garden’ View

demi rose attends the Beauty Awards with OK
Demi Rose took fans with her to visit a beautiful garden. Photo credit: © Mayhew/Landmark Media

Demi Rose has once again wowed her fans and followers with a sizzling snap she shared of herself at an outdoor venue.

The 27-year-old model donned an all-over pink outfit to enjoy a moment in a natural setting with beautiful foliage around her as she appeared to have entered the entrance to a beautiful garden.

Rose posed sideways in the photo, reaching for green leaves hanging in front of her and giving a view of her side and back as she looked away from the camera.

Her figure-hugging outfit was in the spotlight, with what looked like a bodysuit connected to a dress showing part of her midsection just above her hips.

Rose had her reddish-brown hair styled in a large, eye-catching bun on top of her head, with long locks also reaching down the back of her thigh.

“Secret garden & chill 🍓🍃,” Demi wrote in her playful caption, bringing in plenty of double taps and comments.

As of that report, her latest share garnered over 114,000 likes in awe of her sheer outfit and garden.

Rose tagged her location as Glastonbury and also credited Linda Ha for the gorgeous hairstyle she revealed in her latest image.

Fans React to Demi Rose’s ‘Secret Garden’ Photo

With 19.8 million subscribers on the Gram, Rose’s captivating photos and videos are getting a lot of attention. The latest was no different, with over 1,100 comments on the post as of this writing.

“Belle Princesa,” one fan reacted, including flame emojis with the comment, while another said, “Still best beauty script in every take.”

demi rose fans review the secret garden
Photo credit: @demirose/Instagram

Some fans commented leaving fun emojis including flowers, trees, ferns and hearts, or remarked on Rose’s “stunning figure”.

Other commenters praised Rose’s “beautiful garden” and “beautiful hair” when reacting to her latest photo sharing.

fan comments on demi rose garden photo
Photo credit: @demirose/Instagram

Demi Rose uses intense workouts to stay fit

Rose keeps herself in fantastic shape, thanks to spending time in the gym and probably being consistent with her diet. Several years ago, The Sun from the UK gave an insight into what Rose does at the gym.

A 2018 workout had her pushing a weighted sled across a section of the gym floor and doing squats, both of which help build glute muscles.

Rose also hopped on a treadmill to incorporate some cardio into her routine, as The Sun revealed footage of her jogging or running.

Another video appeared on a YouTube channel over the past few years and shows the model engaging in a “Booty Workout” that includes various glute-focused floor exercises.

Some of the exercises include hip thrusts with a barbell, leg raises using an exercise band, and lunges with a hand weight.

While these particular sessions were ones she did years ago, Rose most likely engages in many of these exercises to keep her figure looking fantastic. The stunning model continues to look fabulous in a range of dazzling outfits on her social media.

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