Death Stranding 2 Theories Explain The Masked Figure’s Identity

Hideo Kojima announced Death Stranding 2 at The Game Awards and threw the gaming world into chaos with the reveal trailer after several previous hints of a sequel. While the trailer was full of exciting details leading to multiple possible theories, it was the end of the trailer that caught most people’s attention. In the center of the red-clad figures stood a figure wielding a guitar with visible intestines.

Since the revelation of this mysterious figure, multiple theories have been circulating about his identity. Some ideas are more plausible than others, focusing on small details. At the same time, others are just memes linking images to characters with similar designs from other franchises, like Lord Farquaad from shrek.

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The mysterious figure could be Amélie

Amelie Death Stranding

One of the theories with more evidence than others is that the masked figure is Amelie, also known as Samantha America Strand. Fans pointed out details like the mask’s facial structure, which on closer inspection appears to have at least been modeled after Amelie’s face. The hairstyle is also very similar. Additionally, the character appears to be wearing the same necklace that Amelie has worn throughout. Death Stranding.

Some details indicate that Amélie is not the character, given that they have a male voice, and although their hair is of a similar style, her cut seems to be more masculine in nature. Amélie already existing as an entity of extinction in the apocalyptic United States, it would not be out of the question for Amélie to be the figure with visible guts. Since Amelie’s character already existed as a fabricated story for her “ka”, it’s possible that she created a new character again after what happened at the beach.

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Amelie may have merged with Higgs somehow

Masked figure from the Death Stranding 2 trailer

One theory that would explain the more masculine depiction of the masked figure while still respecting Amélie’s characteristics is that the two entities merged. At the end of death stranding, Higgs is left on Amelie Beach and may end or experience loneliness. Although shots are heard, there is no real confirmation of the option chosen by Higgs, although evidence suggests he fired aimlessly as the bullets were ineffective on the range. It’s possible that Higgs somehow fused with Amelie either by taking her body or head as her own, or that Amelie is using Higgs’ body as a conduit for her soul.

The two options for how the two characters could have merged would explain the details of the masked figure. They can have a more masculine presentation while using an Amelie-like mask to represent who took who. If Amelie uses Higgs’ body, she may want the physical appearance to remind her of herself, such as the hairstyle and accessories like the necklace and mask, which again are almost a copy of her face. This allows her to appear as herself without physically being her.

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The figure may be Higgs himself, who somehow escaped

Higgs Death Stranding

Another prominent theory is that Higgs somehow escaped the beach and now leads a cult. Troy Baker voicing both Higgs and the mystery character is an important thread running through this theory. It’s well known that Higgs is obsessed with Amelie, so it’s not out of the question that Higgs started a cult that worships her. The red theme could represent Higgs’ rebirth, given the red coffin he was placed in, and the anecdotes to Amelie in the design could be a form of devotion. If Higgs leads a cult, it could be a huge plot point in the game, giving him access to power over people by deliberately warping Amélie.

Knowing Hideo Kojima, fans won’t know who the masked character is until Death Stranding 2 versions. As more information is released for the upcoming title, new theories may emerge, or others may receive more supporting evidence. Only time will tell, though it seems likely that the masked figure is somehow related to Amélie. Despite a dubious global construction in Death Strandingfans eagerly await further news on Death Stranding 2.

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