Clothing maker Classic Fashion to hire 1,000 people in India by 2024

Classic Fashion, a Jordan-based garment manufacturer, intends to add 5,000 employees in India, with 1,000 to be added by 2024. Sanal Kumar, President and CEO of Classic Fashion, said activity area that due to Walmart’s target of purchasing $10 billion worth of goods annually from India by 2027, the company got an opportunity to enter the Indian market.

The company, which started operations in India in 2021, currently employs 4,000 people and manufactures goods at a factory in Tirupur. in 2021,” Kumar said. The apparel maker has worked with Walmart since 2006 and today nearly 40% of the total business comes from Walmart.

will expand

“We started in Tirupur, only because the first order we received was a knit-based order. However, we will not limit ourselves to knitwear and expand into woven and other Walmart categories, which we already produce in Jordan, and maybe we will scale up to use more capacity initially in the South, then downstream and establish more verticals in India,” he explained.

According to the company, it currently has a capacity of 4,000 and the man-machine ratio is 1:2, with 2,000 machines in Tirupur producing 47,000 garments per day. “There are three factories, and we use one. It is a vertical configuration; they make their own fabrics, but not on the scale a vertical setup should be. Our job is to increase the capacity of this factory by investing money in it for the product and to improve the infrastructure for everyone.

The company’s customers include Walmart, Adidas, Under Armour, Target, American Eagle, DKNY, Nautica, etc. Looking ahead, the chairman said Classic Fashion is willing to shift its manufacturing for its other clients to India as the opportunity arises.

806 million turnover

“India is emerging as a destination that most business ventures should consider. I’m sure Classic could invest and maybe grow here,” Kumar noted.

In 2021, the company generated $806 million in revenue and added $50 million in business in Bangladesh and $21 million in India in the same year.

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