Citizens arrest traffic police after mocking tweet about wearing helmets

Mumbai: Citizens arrest traffic police after mocking tweet about wearing helmets | Picture file

On Tuesday, the Mumbai Traffic Police (MTP) sarcastically asked netizens on Twitter what they do without a helmet while driving. The move is part of their campaign to raise awareness of the importance of wearing a helmet when riding two-wheelers. The helmet tweet, however, didn’t go down well as people expressed their anger.

One of MTP’s tweets read, “You were born to kill; what are you doing without a helmet? #IwasBornToSlay.

To this, the answers poured in questioning, “Are dumpers, cranes, road rollers allowed on WEH during peak hours, especially between 8 a.m. and 8 p.m. Born to be stuck in traffic??

Another tweeter said: ‘Born to cut challans and not work on traffic management’, while yet another said: ‘You were born to control traffic and relieve motorists why are you sending useless bot replies and doing absolutely nothing on issues raised by the general public and only harassing the common man with useless challans? »

Another user questioned MTP’s work ethic saying “You were made to keep the roads safe for commuters, but what are you doing?” while one raised the point of being fined twice for the same offence, with no relief from authorities when approached.

According to an MTP officer in Dadar, people tend to wear helmets but refrain from using them citing various factors including sweating, claustrophobicness or fear that their hairstyle will be ruined.

“Some days we just ask them to wear their helmets, but when we do they continue to disregard the rules, even though they were put in place for their own safety,” the officer said.

The officer added that people are usually fined for not wearing helmets, but in some cases they are also sent to traffic chowkis for short counseling sessions which highlight the need and the importance of wearing a helmet.

In June, the authorities made it compulsory to wear helmets for both the driver and the passenger, in accordance with the Motor Vehicles Act. Authorities have also warned of strict measures against those who flout the rule. In the event of a catch, a fine of Rs 500 is imposed on the runners or the licenses are suspended.

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