Chris Appleton’s 2022 Holiday Gift Guide

I’m not afraid to admit that I’ve spent countless hours watching Chris Appleton’s how-to videos on TikTok, trying to perfect the messy bun, or convincing myself that I need a curtain fringe. After all, Appleton is the man responsible for giving celebrities like Kim Kardashian, Dua Lipa, Jennifer Lopez and Ariana Grande their most talked about looks (high ponytail, anyone?). However, Hollywood glamor isn’t Appleton’s only area of ‚Äč‚Äčexpertise. Apparently, the celebrity hairstylist can also add an expert giver to her ever-changing resume, especially with luxury beauty-related products. Just as generous as he is with his tips and tricks for volumizing a half ponytail or making your hair waterproof (yes, that’s a thing), Appleton has taken time out of his schedule to make your holiday shopping easier.

Ahead, Appleton’s guide to shopping for luxury beauty products.

My advice for holiday gifts is…

to ensure that the gift is personal to the person you are giving. You can shell out as much money as you want for an expensive and glamorous gift, but something thoughtful is always the best option, in my opinion.

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For the beauty jet setter:

SkinMedica Minis Collection, $205

Chances are you’re the packer who tends to forget an essential part of your skincare routine. Skinmedica’s mini skincare kit has your entire routine mapped out for you, right down to your sunscreen. Plus, it comes with a chic brown clear bag to store all your other beauty routine essentials and can easily be wiped down if products get a little messy.

Appleton says: “I love this set because it has everything you need for a perfect skin routine on the go. There are two face washes, a morning + evening serum, a sunscreen and a moisturizer.

For the budding hairdresser:

Wow Money Color Mask, $45

No matter how many different styles you bend and transform your hair into, healthy hair should be the main priority. Hair masks are a savior for damaged hair or dry, limp strands that need a pick-me-up. This super nourishing mask is infused with kelp and seaweed to boost moisture, blue kale to restore elasticity, and heat protection to prevent further damage.

Appleton says: “My Silver Mask is a deeply hydrating treatment that can be used on all hair types. It leaves hair super smooth and silky – the best product for gorgeous, holiday-ready hair!

For the scene stealer:

Tom Ford Tobacco Vanilla Eau de Parfum, $285

Anyone who wears a Tom Ford perfume knows they are the main character in the room they walk into. Tobacco Vanille is one of Tom Ford’s spicier flavors, grounded in a toasty blend of tonka bean, vanilla and cocoa with a hint of ginger for extra punch.

Appleton says: “It’s a super luxurious scent that most people love the smell of, which makes it an amazing gift.”

The gift on my personal wish list is…

baggage from Rimowa. I travel constantly, so having a sturdy, high-quality piece of luggage would be an ideal gift.

Minis collection
SkinMedica Minis Collection
Private Blend Tobacco Vanilla Eau de Parfum
TOM FORD Private Blend Tobacco Vanilla Eau de Parfum
silver mask
Chris Appleton + Color Wow Money Mask

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