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10 chefs are getting nostalgic for their favorite holiday food memories

Food can be a reminder of a distant home, a beloved family member, or a fond memory from the past. Different holiday dishes can offer those who eat them a connection to their culture and those who cook them a chance to care for loved ones. “Those sweet moments when the smells of cooking start to lure everyone out of their bedrooms is something I look forward to all year long,” Erin Jeanne McDowell told Bustle. Read more

The last

The “Midi Flick” Haircut Is A Modern Take On This Iconic ’90s Look

It’s time to step away from the iron and let a little bounce into your life. That’s the idea behind the “midi flick” haircut, a cute, ruffled style that’s making waves on TikTok and beyond. “It’s a cousin to the mid-length hair trends we’re seeing now,” hairstylist Fae Norris told Bustle. “[It] offers a choppy texture around the face, layers on top and usually falls at or just below the collarbone. Read more

15 Celebrities Who Accessorized Their Outfits With Exposed Thongs

Visible flip flops appearing on the red carpet have a long history. Famously, Rose McGown went when she stepped out in a completely sheer dress that exposed her skintight black thong at the 1998 VMAs. Then, as fast as it caught on, it was gone. But in 2014, when Rihanna brought back her sparkling diamond look, it came back strong. Read more

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The 6 best exercise bikes without a subscription

The best exercise bikes let you cycle your way with no additional monthly fees. While you probably won’t find one with a built-in entertainment screen, you can still find an indoor bike that’s efficient, customizable, and tracks your progress. A $300 “Peloton alternative” with over 13,000 five-star reviews? Yes please. Read more

The ‘Dating Wrapped’ movement on TikTok will keep you entertained for hours

The trend follows the same Spotify idea, but with a hilarious twist. In these videos, the user records themselves flipping through a homemade PowerPoint presentation with all the facts and figures you would want to know about their love and sex life in 2022. Many of these posts include things like zodiac signs, size and even their “dateability versus hotness” factor. Read more


Here is your daily horoscope

A sunny day turns into an even milder night. Read more

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