Business woman from Bulawayo with passion and love for children

The Chronicle

Rejoyce Sibanda, columnist

MANAGING two child-focused businesses is what defines his passion and love for children.
Ms Dumolwenkosi Nyoni (36) from suburban Bradfield runs child-focused businesses, Kids Bake and Kids Haven.
The single mother of a five-year-old son used her love to create a space exclusively for children up to 14 that would earn her money.
Kids Bake, which she started two years ago in the suburb of Hillside, specializes in teaching toddlers to bake.

Ms Nyoni said parents pay US$15 for a baking class or US$50 which will cover the whole month when the child attends classes every weekend.
She said the children mostly attend on weekends and holidays when they won’t be in school. She said that at Kids Bake, there are baking parties and activities such as bouncy castles, art, beadwork and swimming, among others, that will keep them entertained.

“I prefer taking care of children because they are innocent, fun and going to work doesn’t feel like going to work. It gives you the impression that you are going to play but that you are running a business. I love children because they bring inner peace,” Ms. Nyoni said.
On Friday, she held a grand opening for Kids Haven, a kids-only lounge, which she launched with a partner.

She said the idea came from a strong desire to create a child-friendly place when they get their hair done.
“I realized the need for parents to find a safe place for children where there is no noise and too much commotion like these adult living rooms. Another motivation is that once I have had an unpleasant experience when I went to the salon to do my hair and my son was restless due to the noise and crowding there,” Ms Nyoni said.

Mrs. Dumolwenkosi Nyoni with her assistants

She added that children will have the opportunity to have fun while they do their hair and they will be exposed to highly clean, sanitized and tailor-made machines for all the services they need.
Ms Nyoni said the salon near the corner of Fife Street and 12th Avenue will start with three staff, a barber and two hairdressers.

“Kids Haven is a salon that offers haircuts and hairstyles for children in a child-friendly environment. There are also snacks served and toys to play with while they do their hair,” he said. she stated.
She told the Chronicle that her competitive businesses are doing well even though, like most businesses, they are seasonal.

Parents, Ms Nyoni said, should take their children to places where they mingle with other children, as this develops their cognitive, language and social skills.
She said parents should refrain from thinking that child-focused setups are a waste of time because they actually develop the child in a way they might not see on the spot, but become useful later. — @ReeSibanda

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