Buffalo Bills Star Von Miller Reveals How His Triangle Haircut ‘Chosen’ Him (Exclusive)

One of the things NFL fans have noticed about Buffalo Bills linebacker Von Miller is the triangle he shaved on the back of his head. And although the hairstyle is very unique, there is a deeper meaning behind it. In an exclusive interview with PopCulture.com, Miller explained how the triangle haircut came about.

“Man, I feel like this all chose me,” Miller exclusively told PopCulture. “I didn’t even know what the triangle symbolized until I put it on the back of my head. It started off as a very, very small triangle and then it grew and grew and my hairdresser it just played on the back out of my head. Boom. He was like, ‘Man, I like this.’ Put the triangle back there, it was very small. It was a very real light and it just grew and grew and grew and grew until it is now. And I feel like the triangle to me chose, especially for this point where I am in my life now. It’s kind of like Jim Carrey in The mask where he found the mask washed off then he put it on his face and then boom, it was him. It was like that between me and the triangle.”

Miller continued, “I’m trying to manifest a Super Bowl here. I’m constantly growing, constantly evolving, constantly trying to be the best version of myself for my teammates. Personal enlightenment, man. I’m all about positive energy. I’m all about choosing a positive outlook, looking on the bright side no matter what. I know the facts and I know the reality of things going on in the world. I have just feel like the attitude towards it all is more important than the actual fact or reality. And that’s exactly what I choose to believe.”

Miller’s triangle haircut led Doritos and Frito-Lay to launch a social media contest where fans create their own triangle haircut and post new things with the hashtag #NameThatTriangle. The contest ends on January 15 and the winner will win two tickets to Super Bowl LVII. “I’m super excited to partner with them,” Miller said. “They’re inviting fans across the country to name this triangle by channeling their own strength and self-expression for their personal take on my triangle haircut.

“So it’s super cool for the fans and everyone to get behind this, you can put it on social media [using] #NameThatTriangle, have your own personal opinion on my haircut with triangles. And the best haircut is going to win a chance to go to Super Bowl LVII to see the Buffalo Bills play someone in Arizona. So that’s super cool. I’ve been a fan of Frito-Lay and Doritos for a very long time and for them to give me the opportunity to interact with my fans in this way is super cool.”

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