BTS V to NCT Jaemin: Idols Embrace Vintage Fashion in Designer Outfits

Every K-pop idol had to take care of their wardrobe and fashion. Wherever they travel, whether by fans, paparazzi or reporters, their appearance will be documented. BTS, a Korean boy band consisting of 7 members (Jin, J-Hope, Rap Monster, Suga, Jimin, V, and Jungkook) debuted in 2013. BTS has gained so much popularity in the past four years since their debut. . , and many fans were inspired by their clothes and sense of style. So, in this article, we will talk about BTS’s clothing choices, covering their looks on stage as well as their everyday and airport looks.

Everyone on the internet was worried because BTS’ V always seems to be wearing the same jeans. But they couldn’t complain. how he likes to wear an oversized coat with his grandfather’s pants. Even so, he is constantly accessorized with fashionable shoes to complete his look. This time, BTS’ V dons an oversized hoodie and makes everyone swoon over how adorable he looks in oversized clothes.

If you’re a big fan of BTS’s Suga, you might find that he has a serious addiction to flannel shirts, as he frequently wears them to the airport, BTS dance practice, and other places. locations. Additionally, he has many types and colors of flannel shirts, and he frequently wears them with black or white t-shirts.

Here is a different flannel shirt that BTS Suga owns, but it has a cool design and color scheme (yellow, white, and black). as he wore it with black pants and a t-shirt.

Suga also appears in the foreground wearing the same BTS bandana and black shirt.

BTS Jungkook

In the image above, Jungkook is only wearing a blue t-shirt with black pants, which is typical of his preference for wearing a t-shirt with plain pants, such as black or denim. However, this time he added a beanie and a black watch as a bonus.

Jimin, a member of BTS, is known as one of the group members with a strong sense of fashion and good looks regardless of dress. Check out Jimin’s attire and fashion below.

This is the start of BTS’s Jimin fashion swag trend. put on a KENZO denim jacket, a simple black turtleneck top and pants. Additionally, he has a more swaggering sense of style as he wears black Balmain sunglasses and a stylish hairstyle that complements his attire.

The old look can be hard to pull off, but Jimin’s current look is very simple as he wears a white t-shirt with ripped jeans. The fact that he ties a flannel shirt around his waist and wears the t-shirt over it, along with a wristband and cap.

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