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As Christmas approaches, we’re reviewing six new Michigan releases you might want to add to your shopping list, including new collections from Silver Creek Revival and The Dangling Participles.

Spanning State and Style: The latest album roundup at Local Spins.

This is the season of cheerfulness, peace, giving and goodwill.

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It’s also that time of year when people reminisce about the past year, especially when it comes to the world of music.

In the case of Local Spins, it’s time to roll out our vision for another batch of local and regional releases, and these not only cover a wide range of styles, but cross the state – from Grand Rapids to Detroit in passing through Lansing and northern Michigan. Check out the recordings, sample some of the music, and consider adding these tracks to the Christmas shopping list for the music lovers on your list.

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Nathan Walton and the Cure
“Night Driving”

What stands out: Nathan Walton is back with The Remedy to fulfill his promise of two albums for 2022 with the recent release of “Night Drive”. Readers may remember the tease of this release in a review of the band’s previous album, “Daybreak”, released in November 2022. From the first track, your ears are treated to another facet of the stylistic influences of The Remedy on their powerful rock sound. . Hefty rock riffs, a soundtrack for a midnight desert ride, infectious psychedelic guitar hooks and a stellar display of musicianship among energetic tracks are all present and guaranteed to fuel your own engine accelerating the highway of life.
Dig deeper: An album in and of itself is worth celebrating, so releasing two in one year that complement each other while setting up sessions for such a great band deserves praise. Everyone on the record plays to their strengths without ever stepping on their toes sonically. “Night Drive” reinforces why the Nathan Walton train continues to speed down the tracks to exciting new stops with this collection of new songs that focus on Walton’s powerful voice backed by a caring collective of passionate musicians. .
Perfect for: Those long car rides where you need an adrenaline rush nestled in a moving mind. – Dutch Snedeker
Upcoming show: December 31 (New Years) with Desmond Jones at Tip Top Deluxe Bar & Grill in Grand Rapids
Listen: “Hey man, God is a prankster”

Bronze Nazareth
“If you’re worried, you should be”

What stands out: “If You’re Worried, You Should Be” features Grand Rapids-born talented animator Bronze Nazareth, who is reaching new heights, and not just because this record was announced in Times Square. Midwestern hip-hop fans will enjoy tracing his GR roots back to Detroit’s historic hip-hop scene, where he currently resides. The production immediately grabs you with nostalgic, moving and infectious beats that serve as the backdrop for the expert blend of storytelling and lyrical prowess led by deft rapping. This record is filled with triumphs over ongoing struggles, both internal and external, while leaving room for guest animators to bare their souls on the featured verses.
Dig deeper: Just spin the first track to see why Bronze Nazareth is poised to make an impact on Detroit’s hip hop legacy. Every part of his new record demonstrates the fruits of the hustle, one artist standing tall while giving others the chance to enjoy the view with select collaborations from artists like Kevlaar 7, Phillie, Hus KingPin, Apollo Brown, Recognize Ali, Killah Priest, Nia Solai, Illah Dyz, Ty Farris, Kurupt, Kurt Solid and Hollywood Dots The Oncelor. Hip hop as a genre always opens up a world of rabbit holes to explore, and with “If You’re Worried, You Should Be,” fans can look forward to hours of additional artistry. Listeners should only “worry” about missing an opportunity to experience this artist on the road.
Perfect for: Anyone who understands a difficult life, works hard to overcome it, and celebrates their victories along the way. – Dutch Snedeker
Listen: “Moroccan Hash”

suspended participles
“One more drop”

What stands out: Lansing residents will recognize The Dancing Participles for their “jazzy indie-folk” sound that delves into the realm of Americana as much as Latin music, jazz and blues. According to their biography, the band was “founded by three Michigan State University English professors” (hence the grammatical flair of the band’s name) with a “love of harmonizing, songwriting and of the arrangement to create a living experience on stage”. With the release of their third album, “One More Drop,” clever prose blends with succinct, stylized arrangements to create a fun listening experience that revels in storytelling with a quirky charm all its own.
Dig deeper: “One More Drop” has to be named for that feeling of wanting to soak up the last bit of a tasty drink that has uplifted your mood and refreshed your spirit, because listening to this record feels like a dopamine hit. Add to the fact that a community has rallied behind their Kickstarter campaign and you can feel even better knowing that The Dangling Participles will continue to have a wonderful career in the future with this kind of support. This album feels like you’ve stumbled upon an unexpected find at a Michigan festival, where you’re transported to various curated venues, all chaperoned by these benevolent spirits who make wonderful tunes.
Perfect for: Anyone looking for a song to lift their spirits and laugh with cheerful prose. – Dutch Snedeker
Upcoming shows: January 21 at Roma’s Back Door in Owosso; Jan. 28 at Ironbark Brewing Co. in Jackson
Listen: “Swim in Lake Superior”

Silver Creek Revival
“Silver Creek Rebirth”

What stands out: Silver Creek Revival’s self-titled debut album is pure twangy, indie-folk magic. The album begins on a high note with the intriguing, slightly unsettling “Mr. Apprehensive”, then immediately switches to “Stars”, a sweet love song: “The moon can hang where it pleases, but the stars, I There’s no bad song on the record, but a few highlights include the upbeat “Sweet Mary” and the slower, more soulful beat “Pay the Man.” Revival employs satisfying harmonies and features a variety of instruments, including saxophone, banjo, drums and flute, and vocalist Ashley Christopher’s voice is a clear highlight: her vocals are crisp, enchanting and lively –– perfect for telling stories.
Dig deeper: “Silver Creek Revival” is also a lyrical treat, and there’s no better example of storytelling than the song “17 Inches.” “I was swimming in debt, I had to borrow two cents just to write this fucking song,” Christopher begins. So she starts searching online for ways to make money. A businessman promises her a handsome reward for shaving off her “majestic” curls – but although she fulfills her end of the bargain, he never goes through with it. “I’m afraid I’ve been cheated,” she sings. “This man went and lifted all the hair off the top of my head.” Fortunately, in the end, all is well: she ends up being paid by another man. On top of that, she finds herself enjoying her new hairdo (or lack thereof): “My head is so soft, I can’t keep my hands down and I can wash my scalp with a rag.”
Perfect for: Fans of Eddie from Ohio and Nickel Creek. – Katie Rosendale
Upcoming show: December 30 at Lake Ann Brewing Co in Lake Ann
Listen: “17 inch”

“exorcise our demons”

What stands out: When it comes to career-spanning compilations of regional music, The Concussions’ latest surf-rock arsenal is the perfect pick to top your Christmas shopping list. For two decades, the Grand Rapids band – Dick Chiclet, Bill Vits, Matt Mason and Claude Nine – have regaled audiences with their nasal gems, wacky stage presence and masked musical marauding while releasing five studio albums, most of them pieces being considered at Tommy. Schichtel’s all-analogue lagoon. This groovy 24-track compilation showcases the highlights of that catalog, ranging from 2004’s rocking “Guano” to 2014’s spacey, drum-powered “Wolfie” to 2016’s reverberating “Whack Job.” there are two new unreleased tracks to complete the collection, “Put Your Head on My Shoulders” and “Ribbed for Your Pleasure”.
Dig deeper: With the recent tragic death of drummer Bill Vits after a long battle with cancer, the release of this comprehensive surf-rock archive on Double Crown Records pays tribute to the beloved percussionist. In many ways, it’s also an important entry into the mission to preserve and advance this important American genre whose roots date back to the 1950s. The album even has special guests, including keyboardists Mark Kahny and Steve Talaga and horn players Danny Barber and Ryan Limbeck.
Perfect for: Watch old black and white movies, drink beer and play ping pong with your buddies, crank up the volume to 11 after a Detroit Lions win. – John Sinkevics
Listen: “Ribbed for Your Pleasure”

Crazy Chestur

What stands out: This bluesy folk-rock band was founded in a barn near Shepherd, Michigan –– and it shows in their music. Crazy Chestur’s sophomore album, “5×5,” draws you in from the start with “Easy on Me,” an energetic New Orleans-style track that begs to be played, well, a barn dance. “Easy on Me” might be the funniest track on the record, but the rest of the album is certainly no disappointment: with pulsing violin, piano, guitar and drums, it’s a delightful experience from start to finish courtesy of Charlie Walsmsley (piano), Andy Rogers (violin), Tom T. Ball (bass), Jim Gilmore (guitar) and Rob Clendening (drums). Every once in a while, I found myself reminiscing about the likes of Jason Isbell and Son Volt.
Dig deeper: “5×5” consists of three originals and two covers. The first cover is “Sending Me Angels”, a slower, more thoughtful piece originally by Delbert McClinton; the second –– and my favorite –– is “Who Will the Next Fool Be”. This track, first recorded by country star Charlie Rich, is a musically rich condemnation of a cruel woman: “After you get rid of me, who’s gonna be the next fool?”
Perfect for: Fans of country, rock and everything in between, or anyone who just wants to have a good time. – Katie Rosendale
Listen: “Easy for me”

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