Brock Lesnar’s WrestleMania 39 Opponent Rumored To Win Again, Big Mistake Made With Mystery Striker Storyline

Welcome to this week’s edition of the best and worst of SmackDown! It was the third episode of December, and it basically laid out plans for how WWE intends to end the year.

It was a solid episode minus a few hiccups, which is exactly what the “worst” section is for. So, let’s jump straight into the highs and lows of SmackDown this week!

#3. Best: Gunther’s banger after banger on SmackDown

Gunther is giving Sheamus a run for his money in terms of the bangers he releases this year. The Ring General should be in the lead for Superstar of the Year, and he had another amazing match against Ricochet this week.

As you may have heard, Gunther is Brock Lesnar’s supposed adversary, and he now looks set to get into a feud with Braun Strowman – a feud we fully expect from him.

#2. Worst: Xia Li’s revelation does not happen on TV

This week on SmackDown, the Women’s Tag Team Title match ended in controversial fashion as a mysterious forward took out Tegan Nox, allowing IYO SKY to take advantage and get the pinfall to retain the titles.

Rather than using behind-the-scenes segments to reveal who the mystery attacker was, WWE instead opted to announce on Twitter that Xia Li was the mystery attacker instead. It seemed like a big mistake.

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#2. Best: The Uncle Howdy Revelation

LA Knight seemed so sure that Bray Wyatt and Uncle Howdy were the same people. We can’t blame him since many fans thought the same. So when Bray Wyatt was attacked and Uncle Howdy came out, it was basically a revelation that they were two different people.

It’s hard to say what this means for the future of the story, but we’re excited to see how things unfold between him and LA Knight – and the role Howdy has to play.

#1. Worst: Hit Row performance and SmackDown victory

Hit Row was one of the only blemishes on an otherwise good episode of SmackDown. They beat Legado Del Fantasma and The Viking Raiders in a Triple Threat match that was more sloppy than one would like to admit.

Top Dolla is risking a lot during his dives over the rope, as he could have seriously injured himself. Either way, we don’t mind Hit Row being the filler title opponent for The Usos next week, but they just haven’t seemed to have it since returning to WWE this year.

#1. Best: The John Cena Revelation

WWE originally announced the main event as Sami Zayn’s potential induction as a full Uce. Zayn even changed his hairstyle for the occasion, but the focus seemed more on the “Kevin Owens problem.”

Roman Reigns told Adam Pearce that he would be competing in a tag team match on December 30 on SmackDown – teaming up with Sami Zayn to take on Kevin Owens and a partner of his choice.

Kevin Owens’ choice? None other than former WWE franchise player John Cena. While the rest of the segment disappointed us, Cena’s appearance was a great way to end the show this week.

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