Briogeo’s new collection highlights the popularity of hair growth products

Haircare brand Briogeo is tackling the hair density space.

Its new line, called Destined for Density, debuted Friday with four products including shampoo, conditioner, hair serum and supplements. The products are formulated for daily use to promote hair density at every stage of the three-phase hair growth cycle for fuller, thicker hair. According to the team’s own research, 155.6 million people worldwide are affected by hair loss. Additionally, “hair growth” is one of the most searched-for concerns on “Hair growth/hair thinning” is currently one of the top search terms on Google.

“Destined for Density is a perfect example of hair skinning and this 360-degree holistic approach,” said Nancy Twine, Founder and CEO of Briogeo. “Hair skinification was about connecting the scalp to your skin, and Destined for Density is, in many ways, about connecting hair and scalp to inner well-being.”

What Twine means is that Destined for Density is a collection that focuses on the inner and outer nature of beauty with its ingestible and topical products. Such a concept of taking a supplement to enhance the effects of a topical has been around with skincare brands for several years, but only recently extended to haircare. Nutrafol, Vegamour, Jupiter, and Arey are other hair care brands that offer supplements to pair with topicals.

In order to accommodate the new collection, Briogeo is disbanding its existing B.Well wellness franchise by selling existing products. It will keep the range’s complementary products, castor oil and tea tree oil, moving them to other collections. The deodorant will be relaunched at an undisclosed later date, Twine said. B.Well was launched in January 2019 as the first iteration and adoption of the wellness hair care trend, which has since proliferated in the hair care industry.

In April, Wella Company acquired Briogeo. Although terms of the deal were not disclosed, WWD reported that Briogeo’s annual sales exceeded $100 million at the time, citing industry sources. Wella distributes hair care brands such as Wella Professionals, Clairol, Nioxin, GHD and the nail polish brand OPI. Wella itself has seen a few mergers and acquisitions in recent years: in 2020, private equity firm KKR acquired a 60% stake in the company, while former sole proprietor Coty retained the remaining 40%. In December 2021, the company celebrated its first anniversary as an independent company. KKR and Wella Company noted IPO ambitions in about four years.

“We have a tremendous opportunity to be an amazing company. The first thing we focus on is making sure we have the right [products] to meet consumer needs,” Wella Company CEO Annie Young-Scrivner said in an April episode of the Glossy Beauty podcast. “The second thing is to make sure that we are developing in the right direction. There will be a lot of [exit] options for us.

According to research firm Insight Partners, the global hair loss prevention products market was valued at $23.5 billion in 2021 and is expected to reach $31.5 billion by 2028. While historically, topical products like Rogaine and drugs like Propecia targeted men, women became a louder voice by more openly sharing stories about postpartum hair loss, alopecia, and even related effects of infection to Covid-19.

“As a woman, not feeling punished for having this kind of [hair restoration] need [is important]. At the same time, you want to have a pleasant experience when you go through something like this, because it can be traumatic to feel that part of your identity is potentially compromised,” said Claudia Allwood, CMO at Briogeo.

To that end, Briogeo’s marketing for Destined for Density will focus on sharing women’s stories and showing the before and after transformations of people using the products. These will particularly focus on those who suffer from traction alopecia, which is caused by very pulled hairstyles. The brand will also rely on dermfluencers more than it has in the past, to demonstrate its science-based claims and formulations. Allwood said the campaign will run over multiple moments, starting in January.

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