Bode Fashion Week FW23 Paris Collection

Bode made her official return to the Paris Fashion Week catwalk for the Fall/Winter 2023 season. This show marked Emily Adams Bode Aujla’s seventh year at the helm of her antiques-laden imprint.

The show was an ethereal experience from the start, presented at the Théâtre du Châtelet. Front row sat Dame Anna Wintour DBE alongside Usher and Lucas Bravo to celebrate Bode’s return to Paris Fashion Week. The show began with a brief speech by Bode’s uncle, where he told a touching story of the Rice sisters, one of whom was Bode’s mother, Janet. Emphasizing that the collection is family-centric, the story focused on Janet’s first encounter with 90-year-old Mrs. Long, where she was encapsulated by her eccentric and ever-changing floral arrangements and how each evening for dinner Mrs. Long would come down from her room dressed in ornate dresses and gowns from the late 1890s-1940s. After dinner, she met her “gentleman caller”, a story that focused on a period of self-discovery and when an adult begins to find their identity.

The collection, titled “The Crane Estate”, featured historical reproductions of Janet’s stories. The collection is an ode to American traditions and celebrations of the last three centuries and evolves from generation to generation. True to its love for vintage clothing and a period of American classics, Bode unveils a selection of 1920s-inspired beaded dresses and 1940s velvet dresses. Embroidery continues to be a widely used technique in the collection. Dresses, shirts, blazers and jackets all featured intricate and vibrant embroidered graphics, as well as various patterned quilts that fiercely pay homage to ideals of self-expression throughout American quilting history.

Referencing heirlooms, passed down from generation to generation by the Rice family, rhinestone jewelry dazzled tuxedos on lapels and suits adorned with sequined champagne bottles represented an era like the Roaring 20s. Striking classically cut camel hair overcoats and micro floral corduroy suits adorned the stage, while fringed leather and suede jackets took the audience back in time to a time of carefree everyday adventures.

Perhaps the most striking is Bode’s foray into women’s fashion. Previously known as a menswear brand, Bode has launched its womenswear collection where cashmere sweaters, delicate lace lingerie, silk teddies and knitted wool shorts grace the runway. Bode put her own spin on accessories, adding her selection of gold costume jewelry that included lamé-embellished crowns and hats, as well as crocheted berets, suede clutches and printed silk scarves.

Take a look at the full collection above.

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