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Which Rainbow High accessory is the best?

The Rainbow High series is a collection of 11-inch fashion dolls recognizable by their rainbow-themed shiny hair, stylish clothes, and high-end accessories. While each doll comes with a fun and vibrant outfit, you can purchase additional accessories separately to expand the playtime experience. range.

What to know before buying a Rainbow High accessory

Doll Accessory vs Child Accessory

Rainbow High makes accessories for fashion dolls and the kids who love them. Although there are no matching doll and child accessories, the Rainbow High theme is consistent throughout:

  • doll accessories: This includes various outfits, shoes, wigs, playsets and a car, all suitable for 11 inch fashion dolls.
  • Children’s accessories: There’s a journaling set, salon and face-painting activities designed for ages 6-12.


A Rainbow High fashion doll is 11 inches tall, which is a bit shorter than the average Barbie doll. She has a larger head and facial features than a Barbie doll. For the best fit, you’ll need clothes and accessories designed specifically for a Rainbow High doll. This is especially the case with items like boots or wigs, which hug the curves of a Rainbow High Doll’s legs and head.

Rainbow High vs. Shadow High

Shadow High is a spin-off line of dolls and accessories from the Rainbow High world. Shadow High is Rainbow High’s rival school with its own characters that feature deeper, darker colors than the Rainbow High dolls. Since these dolls are the same size as Rainbow High dolls, all accessories are interchangeable.

What to Look for in a Quality Rainbow High Accessory

Multiple ways to play

Whether the accessory is for the doll or the child playing with the doll, it should be versatile. For example, the Rainbow High Secret Journal is not just a journal. It comes with a collar that locks and unlocks the toy. The Rainbow High Hair Studio isn’t just about dyeing doll hair. It also has bobby pins so your child can create different hairstyles to go with each new look.

bonus doll

The best accessory sets come with a Rainbow High doll so your child can jump right into the game. The doll can be one of the main Rainbow High characters or a new character with a story that ties into the set of game in which it is presented. Often a bonus doll will include set-specific details, such as doll hair compatible with certain dyes.

Color change

When it comes to Rainbow High accessories, colorful images are everything. Accessories that change color do so in two ways:

  • Gels or dyes change a doll’s hair color. They do more damage but are more immersive and can be washed for repeated use.
  • LED lights are battery powered and can change colors without any mess. The Rainbow High Color Change Pool & Beach Club Playset uses a color changing LED light to make the pool water appear to be changing color.

How much you can expect to spend on a Rainbow High accessory

Most Rainbow High accessory sets cost between $20 and $60. A few individual accessories cost less than $20, and a complete dollhouse can cost over $100.

Rainbow High Props FAQ

What is the age range to play?

A. Rainbow High toys are designed for ages 4 and up. Most are recommended for children 6 to 15 years old.

Are the batteries included?

A. Most Rainbow High accessories do not require batteries. Those that usually require AA batteries. These are not supplied with the toy and must be purchased separately.

What is the best Rainbow High accessory to buy?

Rainbow High accessory top

Best MGA Entertainment Rainbow High House

MGA Entertainment Rainbow High House

What do you want to know: This colorful three-story dollhouse measures 26 inches high, 28 inches wide and 9 inches deep with a bedroom, bathroom, kitchen, living room and laundry room.

What you will love: The five bedrooms are fully furnished. There’s a rooftop hot tub that bubbles up, and the washing machine on the second floor really gets clothes spinning. It has an elevator with access to all three levels. The furniture is well built.

What you should consider: It does not require batteries and has no lights or sounds.

Or buy: Sold by Amazon

Rainbow High accessory top for the money

Best MGA Entertainment Rainbow High Deluxe Fashion Closet

MGA Entertainment Rainbow High Deluxe Fashion Closet

What do you want to know: This display case comes with over 30 doll accessories, including clothes, shoes, and bags.

What you will love: Over 400 chic looks can be created with different combinations of accessories. It comes with a vanity so the doll can check out each outfit. Everything fits nicely in a clear 15-inch case with a gold carry handle and matching lock. Hangers and stand are included.

What you should consider: The lock is not very strong. The packaging features cardboard cutouts to make it look like more items are included than there actually are.

Or buy: Sold by Amazon and Kohl’s

Worth checking out

MGA Entertainment's Best Rainbow Hair Studio

MGA Entertainment Rainbow High Hair Studio

What do you want to know: This set includes an 11-inch doll named Amaya Raine, assorted hair gels, glitter, chalk and clips to create fun hairstyles.

What you will love: The doll has extra-long platinum blonde hair. Colors are individually applied to doll’s hair and wash out when your child is ready to try a new look. The doll comes with a full outfit including high boots and jewelry.

What you should consider: Doll’s hair should be washed in warm water and allowed to air dry right out of the box before applying any of the colors. Hair may fall out if brushed.

Or buy: Sold by Amazon

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