Best leave-in conditioners 2022: Hydration for frizzy, dry and damaged hair

It may sound frivolous, but a bad hair day can really affect your mood, add extra stress, and make morning prep even crazier. While a silk pillowcase, good hair oil, and a powerful shampoo and conditioner routine can really make all the difference, there are a few extra products we can add to keep our hair smooth and silky. .

Designed to detangle, fight frizz, flatten flyaways, protect against heat, and tame your mane, just a little leave-in conditioner could be the key to reviving dull locks, and they couldn’t be faster or easier. to use.

We caught up with Neil Moodie, hairstylist and founder of Neil Moodie Studio, to find out exactly which leave-in conditioner is best for each hair type and how and why to use them. “Leave-in conditioners are a great way to moisturize hair, especially curly or coiled hair, which tends to be drier because it takes longer for the oil to distribute from the scalp to the strands of hair. hair,” he shared.

“If you have thick, coarse hair, you’ll probably be better suited to a creamy leave-in conditioner, whereas if your hair is very fine, a light spray will work best and won’t weigh hair down,” Neil added. “Thicker, creamier formulas tend to control humidity and frizz better, and spray formulas tend to be lighter and are not only easier to apply, but are a good choice for hair protection. heat, detangling and smoothing.”

When it comes to ingredients, Neil recommends keeping an eye out for the following: argan oil, coconut oil, macadamia oil, shea butter, castor oil, hydrolyzed protein and amino acids, panthenol, and vitamin E, avocado and jojoba seed oil. All can be found in our top picks of proven leave-in conditioners below. Keep reading to see which ones are on our list for each hair type.

How we tested

Our tester has incredibly long hair, which has been dyed and tends to dry out, so these leave-in conditioners were really put through their paces trying to tame that mane. When it comes to density, as Neil Moodie explained, as well as ease of use, ingredients, and end result, we rated each leave-in conditioner based on what hair type it was best for. appropriate and its effectiveness.

The best leave-in conditioners for 2022 are:

  • Best leave-in conditioner – Amika dream routine overnight moisturizing treatment: £23,
  • Best Scent Leave-In Conditioner – Sol de Janeiro Brazilian Milk Leave-In Conditioner: £28,
  • Best leave-in conditioner for very curly and frizzy hair – Wakati Reactivating Conditioning Mist: £7.33,
  • The best budget leave-in conditioner – John Frieda Frizz Leave-In Conditioner: £6.99,
  • Best salon type leave-in conditioner – Ouai leave-in conditioner: £24,
  • Best Vitamin C Leave-In Conditioner – R+Co sun catcher power C leave-in conditioner: £30,
  • Best leave-in conditioner with organic ingredients – Innersense sweet spirit leave-in conditioner: £24,
  • The best leave-in conditioner for blow-dried hair – Beauty Works Dream Shine Spray on Moisture Shield: £16.99,
  • Best leave-in conditioner for traveling – Chāmpo leave-in perfecting cream: £24,
  • Best leave-in conditioner for adding volume – Kms leave-in conditioner: £15.15,
  • Best leave-in conditioner for thick or curly hair – Rhyme and Reason Liquid Shea Leave-In Conditioner: £8.99,
  • Best two-in-one leave-in conditioner – Hair by Sam McKnight Lightweight Nourishing Conditioner: £28,
  • Best leave-in conditioner for damaged hair – Paul Mitchell Clean Beauty Repair Leave-In Treatment: £25.25,
  • The best leave-in conditioner for curly hair – Afroani leave-in conditioner: £16.99,
  • Best leave-in conditioner for fine, dry hair – Oway Leave-In Wet Conditioner: £15.77,

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