Bella Hadid and Gigi Hadid Look Alike in New Blonde Hair Photos

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Just days after erupting Bella Hadidthe new blond pigtails, the obsession grew as she looked identical to her sister gigi on their trip to Aspen, and we love it.

The models showed sibling entrepreneurial success this week, and obviously looked ultra stylish while doing it.

Bella first posted a photo of the Dutch duo on a ski lift, looking identical with their piercing green eyes taking center stage. The two donned Gigi-branded cashmere balaclavas Guest in residencewith less stylish but absolutely necessary ski helmets and goggles on top.


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In the blink of an eye, Gigi shows off the modeling accessory we didn’t know we needed, a box of Close – the soft drink brand that Bella joined as a co-founder in 2021. The youngest sister said, “But seriously!! Hello!! Sunshine in a can! ! ! I drank 3 of these in one day and couldn’t have felt lie..looked like crap to my really all works. Only. Time…!!”.

She ended by bragging: “PS… my sister @gigihadid is a harsh review but straight from his mouth.. it’s his “favorite again!!!” PROUD!!!!🤓💛”.

It looks like the sisters then jumped off the slopes to celebrate the opening of Gigi’s new store in Colorado’s Rocky Mountains (a great spot for 100% cashmere clothing). Posting a heartfelt tribute, Bella said: I’m so proud of my sister @gigihadid for the opening of its new @gustinresidence store in Aspen. 413 E Hyman!!!She works so hard and the the product speaks for itself! This is so Gigi!!!”

She also thanks her sister Gigi aka ‘Jelly’ for having a Kin bar at the opening. Adorable.

The drink Kin calls “Actual Sunshine”

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Similar to Kate Moss, Newly blonde Bella isn’t shy about experimenting with her hair and now looks remarkably like her sister with the new hairstyle. She took ‘festive Y2K’ in the opposite direction to Megan Fox and sported retro-inspired clothing with significantly more layers, including an iconic 2000s denim maxi skirt — a style she first donned in fall 2021.

Both models donned vintage-style leather jackets with nude base layers underneath. In a photo where they both pour themselves non-alcoholic wine, the couple could literally pass for twins.

Although we don’t get a glimpse of Gigi’s attire, we have everything she packed for her trip to Aspen, here.

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